Cleaning process significantly improved in terms of accuracy and speed


The “Experimental Station for Special Cultures“ in Wies in southwest Styria, Austria, is an institution of the Province of Styria. For more than five decades the experimental station has been a reliable partner of vegetable and horticultural businesses. Practical experimental work provides results for vegetable producers, commercial gardeners and herb companies. A further focus is the preservation of old, rare crop varieties. The product range comprises around 700 species and varieties of herb and vegetable seeds.

Manual sorting of seeds is time-consuming and costly

The work of the experimental station is characterized by practical experiments, special cultures are examined in small quantities and many different batches make the process complex. In addition, the seeds to be processed are differentiated according to size, color and shape as well as to different degrees of contamination. The manual sorting of the seeds is time-consuming and causes very high personnel costs.

Sesotec ASM supplied the intelligent optical sorter QUASAR 1000 for the sorting of small seed´s quantities. Thanks to the highresolution true-color cameras, the device can detect the finest color differences with the highest precision and eliminate off-colors. This guarantees maximum purity with minimum loss of good material. The sorter is very compact, the operation is easy to understand. Additional benefits are the good price-performance ratio and the excellent quality.

The installation of the intelligent optical sorter QUASAR 1000 has significantly improved the cleaning process in the test station in terms of accuracy and speed. The pre-cleaning is still carried out with simple devices, the post-sorting is no longer necessary and also saves costs. The whole process takes less time and gives a very high seed purity.

“Until now, we have sorted the seeds by hand and our team was busy with it for days. Definitely, the new sorter makes our work easier, which we are very pleased about,“ emphasizes test station manager Doris Lengauer. “We are also very satisfied with the machine in terms of price-performance, operability and product results, as well as with the support provided by the Sesotec staff.“

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