Every time your customer makes a purchase at your grocery store and takes a photo of their receipt, that’s an opportunity for you to generate more revenue. You can do this by having them check-in or share their receipt photo on Facebook or Twitter. This is only possible if they have GPS enabled on their phone. If not, it won’t work.

So what? What if your customer doesn’t have GPS enabled on their phone? Here’s where SEO comes into play. If you optimize your website to be found by customers looking for a local grocery store or farmer’s market, they will find it and visit your business. Just think about how many people search Google daily. There are 13.2 billion searches performed every month, about 37 million per day.

Next time your customer makes a purchase, have them share it on Facebook or Twitter, and your grocery store will get in front of more people.

Your mission should find out how much money you make for every 1,000 impressions you receive on social media. You can do this by using a Google Adwords tool.

One of the best things to email your customers after they visit your grocery store with a check-in offer. This will encourage them to come back and make another purchase, which means more revenue for you. All you have to do is track their email.

Please take advantage of your customers when they share their photos on social media after purchasing from you. Track how many times they check-in, and create offers based on the number of times it happened in a specific period. If you can get someone to come back by offering them 20% off their next purchase if they check-in ten times in the next month, take advantage of it.

The best way to generate more revenue is by using social media tools to track when customers check in at your grocery store. This will allow you to create marketing campaigns based on specific periods. Remember that tracking can quickly be done using social media tools like Hootsuite.

Here are some examples of check-in offers you can use:

Five times – 10% off next purchase

Ten times – 20% off next purchase

15 times – 30% off next purchase

25 times – 50% off next purchase

50+ – a FREE product with the purchase of one

The reason behind this is the more they check in, the better offer they receive. Every time your customers share their photos on social media, you want to track them.

You encourage your customers to share their grocery store visits on social media. If they do, give them a discount the next time they come in. This will make it more inviting to share their photos and revisit your store.

Remember that tracking can quickly be done using social media tools like Hootsuite.

Whether you own a small corner grocery or a supermarket chain, SEO can help increase your online presence.

The majority of customers begin their search for groceries on the Internet. SEO (search engine optimization) is one way to get found by more of these potential customers. SEO doesn’t just improve your site’s rankings; it also targets keywords that bring in the most appropriate audience to your site.

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