Solution for More Hygiene Homogeneous belts from Forbo. For businesses that can’t take risks

Forbo Movement Systems has added a new line for exceptionally hygiene-critical belt applications to its product range. It’s offering a homogeneous conveyor and processing belt called Siegling Fullsan that’s made of high-quality TPU.

In the food industry, it’s in the interests of people in charge of manufacturing or processing to rule out any hygiene risk. They take every precaution to ensure compliance with hygiene regulations and HACCP concepts. Any bacteria, foreign bodies or other contaminants that enter the product could cause incalculable losses.

Superior hygiene in conveyor belts

Homogeneous belts are indispensable, primarily because they can handle any thermal and mechanical challenges. But they are also easy to clean and can withstand any chemicals used in the process. What’s more, homogeneous belts are fullysealed so that they can’t be attacked by oil, grease, moisture or bacteria. As a result, they excel when used in very hygiene-critical applications.

Their superior UVC resistance also allows frequent sanitizing with UV-C radiation.

Forbo Movement Systems is now presenting the first two belts in its new Siegling Fullsan product line. The new Siegling Fullsan products currently available are from the Flat series as a reinforced Pro version (FLT+) with embedded aramid cords running lengthways. The cords increase the tensile force and minimize belt elongation at the same time. These characteristics make the belts ideal for long conveyors and heavy loads. The new belts have a matte surface for accumulation conveying or moving dry, packaged products and a shiny, easy-to-clean surface for applications involving wet/damp products.

When the belts require frequent cleaning during production, the new belts’ excellent hydrolysis resistance (and therefore longer service lives) are extra benefits for users.

The reinforced FLT series’ high k1% value with low elongation at fitting is another advantage. The high k1% value enables much heavier loads on the belt, compared with the non-reinforced versions widely used on the market, and exceptional dimensional stability.

Sometimes customers need to convey small items, bulk materials, very sticky products, or products up and down inclines, which can sometimes be very steep. Consequently, the demands placed on the belts vary hugely. Which is why Siegling Fullsan comes with a broad range of profiles and side walls in various shapes and sizes.

Some of the most important applications are in the meat/poultry and fish industries, as well as in the dairy product segment, all of which have stringent hygiene requirements. However, both Fullsan types can also be used in other food applications, such as dough processing or in agriculture (vegetable processing and snack manufacturing). Siegling Fullsan products comply with the current FDA and EU regulation. Therefore, they ensure outstanding levels of food safety during production and support HACCP concepts consistently.

Forbo Movement Systems is a leading manufacturer throughout the world with over 100 years of experience and a worldwide presence. It’s now adding a new Siegling Fullsan line to its portfolio to cover all applications to create real added value for its customers.