Lemon is the flavor of the season, whether it’s in a chaat or refreshing lemonade. It not only relieves the heat and humidity but also revitalizes the body from within. However, with the rising lemon price in India and the lemon price hike reasons, it appears that making lemonade is a thing of the past. Lemons are currently priced at 300-400 INR/kg in India’s retail market, while the wholesale market sells them for 120-150 INR/kg. As a result, a medium-sized lemon now costs between INR 10 and INR 15. There is a slew of reasons why the lemon price has been skyrocketing, and we’ll go through all of them today. Take a peek around.

  1. A very low supply of lemons and higher demand resulting in a lemon price hike

It is the most basic explanation for the significant increase in lemon pricing. Lemons are in high demand due to the fact that summer has arrived sooner than predicted. Natural disasters around the country, as well as a hurricane that ravaged the lemon crop in Gujarat, have resulted in a supply deficit. Also, while the monsoon was good last year, the months of September and October had significant rains, which harmed lemon farming. Hasta Bahar and Ambe Bahar, two of the most popular crops, yielded very little.

  • Increased fuel prices increased the transportation costs

The cost of transportation has increased as a result of rising fuel prices across the country. Vegetable costs have been impacted by increased gasoline and fuel prices.

  • Failure of Ambe Bahar crop

According to traders, this is one of the unusual years when both bahars fail at the same time. Ambe Bahar is currently cycling the market, but this may not be enough to meet demand because this is the most significant harvest season for lemon pricing.

  • Emptying cold storages

Lemons are frequently stored in cold storage and sold around the country until the Ambe bahar arrives. However, due to the weather, the cold storage is becoming depleted this year, as the next harvest will take place between June and September.

So as we can see that these reasons have created a hole in the common man’s pockets. With this article confusion regarding lemon price, lemon price in India, lemon price hike, and lemon price hike reasons have been addressed.

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