Dividing of dough and product processing combined into one production process

There are no limits to versatility: from whole grain, pizza or shortbread dough, up to fine-pored toast bread and marzipan – flexible solutions by VEMAG Maschinenbau GmbH fulfil any wish in the bakery segment.

Dividing and portioning of dough and consequent product processing are the main focus and the know-how of the long-established company, customer satisfaction lying at its core.

Number one priority for VEMAG, whose tailor-made solutions guaran-tee wide-ranging product creations, is to manufacture a perfect product for the end consumer. Handling dough yield of 145 up to 220, the dough dividers reach an otherwise unrivalled scope of product diversity.

The machines run without cutting oil, thus improving the product quality, minimizing the costs as well as cleaning and retooling time. Record output values, e.g. 320 portions per minute for pizza dough balls, 400 grams each, produced with the dough divider VDP230, are highly unique in the industry. Doughs and masses, containing coarse particles and fillings, are divided carefully and accurately to the gram, product characteristics retained. Even solid masses for fruit and protein bars, fondant and sticky doughs are portioned precisely and brought into form.

Technical All-Rounders

Innovative technologies enable VEMAG dough dividers to produce super soft sandwich breads, as well as fine-pored toast and white breads, with an optimal crumb and perfectly voluminous. Natural fluctuations of protein amount are compensated and affect end product less. Even manufacturing of filled products has been made possible with suitable attachments by VEMAG: the classic dough divider can be turned into a co-extruding system solution in a few easy steps.

Cost Optimization through Weight Accuracy

Exact and accurate portioning guarantees less giveaway as well as increase in return on investment. The rotating double chamber system plays the significant role offering no weight limitations, thus, making it a flexible principle for dough portioning of any type.

Weight adjustments with a 0,1g scale can be freely selected via a display, which means no mechanical modifications for dividing and portioning are required. The product changeover and the associated interim cleaning are reduced to a minimum thanks to a first-class hygienic concept. Eventually, short changeover times and higher machine availability contribute to a demand-driven production.

A wide range of modular attachments ensure that the dough divider is used flexibly and seasonally, adjusting itself to any output or product type.

Product Safety and Dependability

Plastic components, such as dough knives, along with any stainless steel part in contact with the product, are easily detected, in order to avoid product contamination and recalls. Any dough contacting part is easily accessible: quick cleaning with water and common detergents is a standard for all VEMAG machines and its components. At any time, VEMAG dough dividers may be integrated into existing or planned production lines in an easy way.

Shaped by dependability, flexibility, ability to produce according to plan, as well as utmost hygienic standards, VEMAG solutions guarantee smooth operation in the bakery and facilitate optimum production process.