SchoellerAllibert, a leading globalmanufacturer of returnable andrecyclable packaging, has announceda new addition to its MagnumOptimum® series, the best-in-class bigbox solution.

The new Magnum Optimum 1125 is thetallest model in the fully-recyclablerange, opening new possibilities forclients in a range of markets. Thesolution is designed to meet the retailmarket challenge head-on, includingthe rapid ascent of fast, sustainablecommerce.

Its expanded pick face is designedto offer optimal picking efficiency infast-paced environments, while itsnon-sequential folding and lockingtechnology makes it easy to handle onthe shop floor.

With the combined retail sectorprojected to swell at a robustcompound annual growth rate of 8.7%to 2027, according to Statista, thetime is now for retailers to capitalisewith a more effective supply chain. Inresponse to the evolving demands,Magnum Optimum enables retailersto take their goods from the source allthe way into the consumers’ hands ifneeded, making it the premier reusableFLC.

Jon Walkington, Sales & MarketingDirector at SchoellerAllibert UK,welcomed the launch, saying: “AtSchoellerAllibert, continuousimprovement is at the heart ofeverything we do, and we are proudto present Magnum Optimum 1125 asa demonstration of that commitment.We know it is vital to reduce ourcarbon footprint, and that many of ourclients feel the same way. Everyoneat SchoellerAllibert understands ourresponsibility to make sure we are onthe right side of history on this issue.”

The Magnum Optimum 1125 is madeto maximise space while minimisingreturn logistics costs and carbonfootprint. Up to 52 erected boxes and208 collapsed boxes can fit insidea standard trailer, a space savingof 73% when compared to standardcontainers. Despite a relatively lightweight of 57kg, each unit can holdup to 500kg, with a usable volume of1007L.

Designed to be as user-friendly aspossible, even in fast-moving retailwarehouses, the Magnum Optimumrange features recesses for RFIDlabels, IoT devices, and barcodes foraccurate container management andrapid scanning. It is also future proofedwith SmartLink® readiness, offeringreal-time track and trace functionalityas well as other important metrics suchas container pressure, temperature,battery levels, and more.

Walkington added: “Retailers wantlongevity from their equipment, and ourdurable Schoeller solutions certainlydeliver. Each Magnum Optimum in therange has a minimum 10-year lifespan,embodying the latest innovations inthe circular economy. We wanted asustainably oriented solution thatcan handle delivering goods directlyinto the hands of consumers just aswell as it delivers to wholesalers andsupermarkets.”

The company is known for its durablecontainers that offer superior productprotection, minimising the mountof secondary packaging needed.SchoellerAllibert’s innovationsdesigned to increase picking and orderpreparation speeds come as the retailand e-tail industries lean increasinglytowards faster delivery to consumerconvenientlocations.

SchoellerAllibert is rolling out the newmodel rapidly, with units available nowto rent. The rental option is designedto give clients immediate access to themarket-leading big box solution with alow upfront cost.

Explaining this strategy, Walkingtonadded: “We don’t want our clients towait to decarbonise their supply chain.By renting the Magnum Optimum1125, customers have the freedomto spread the cost without impactingtheir CAPEX budget. This flexibility isperfect for today’s fast-moving retailsector!”

SchoellerAllibert is maintainingthe rest of its successful MagnumOptimum line, which now features sixdifferent models.