KohlhoffHygienetechnik, based in Unna, Germany, has developed the innovative CLEAN-FIELD systems in order to prevent contamination or dirt carry-over from dirty black to clean white areas or from outdoor to inside areas when transporting goods with vehicles such as pallet trucks or forklift trucks. The cleaning fields presented as a fair novelty at Anuga FoodTec and IFFA in 2022 optimize hygiene conditions in all areas of food production and processing.

Simply by driving or stepping onto the cleaning field, a large number of integrated self-swinging brush elements are immediately set in motion and thus semi-actively (mechanically) clean both castors and wheels as well as shoe soles – optionally wet or dry. With the wet cleaning option, the system is additionally equipped with an automatic dosing system. It ensures that sufficient cleaning or disinfecting liquid is always available. In this case, the cleaning field requires a wastewater connection with odor trap installed on site. Due to the low installation depth of only approx. 60mm, the systems designed exclusively for floor installation are not only suitable for new buildings but also for a variety of refurbishment projects.

For quick and easy cleaning or maintenance of the trays and brush elements, the individual CLEAN-FIELD modules can simply be folded up and locked without tools or aids or, if necessary, removed completely.

Due to their modular design, the cleaning fields are available in different sizes. They can also be adapted to individual hygiene requirements. If, for example, access control is required, the additional equipment with an automatic swivel gate is possible. For increased hygiene requirements, further components are available- ranging from hand disinfection or entrance control devices with turnstile to a complete compact hygiene lock. The system only allows access to the downstream hygiene-sensitive areas after all hygiene measures have been carried out.

CLEAN-FIELD with automatic swivel gate and automatic dosing system