• With the 752C, HERMA is presenting a flexible and efficient three-side or four-side labeler, ideally suited for the food industry.
  • The wrap labeler 752C wraps the front, top and bottom and optionally the back of a packaging with a single label in one pass.
  • With the integrated HERMA 500, absolutely precise dispensing is guaranteed – even with particularly challenging four-side labeling.

Food should be practical, good and healthy – the end-consumer is choosing fresh convenience food more and more frequently. The trend towards clamshell packaging for snacks, salads, sushi or pastries is therefore continuing. Labels play an important part in this: for identification, as well as for closing and sealing. For the specific requirements of the food industry in wrap labeling, the self-adhesive specialist HERMA is presenting a versatile labeling machine. The 752C is designed to wrap a single label around the top, front, and bottom, as well as optionally the back of a packaging in one pass and thereby seal it. For three-side labeling, the label is dispensed at the front side of the product into the split conveyor belt and applied onto the top and bottom of the packaging as it passes through. In doing so, the label not only performs sealing and information functions, but also contributes to the stability of the thin and consequently unstable plastic packaging. For four-side labeling, the label additionally wraps the back of the packaging. Due to the length of the sealing and identification labels, absolutely precise dispensing must be guaranteed – particularly with four-side labeling, so that no spiral misalignment occurs. “As the fresh snacks don’t have any additional outer packaging, the perfect positioning of the labels plays an important role”, explains Ulrich Fischer, head of Product Management in the Labeling Machines Division of HERMA. “A precise and properly applied label indicates the high quality of the packaging contents.” The wrap labeler 752C meets these requirements through the compact but robust design of all machine components.

High performance for wrap labeling

The integrated HERMA 500 high performance label applicator enables the precise dispensing of even very long labels – for packaging with a length of up to 400 mm. And that even at high speeds: It processes up to 60 products per minute. The 752C is also efficient in other respects: with just a few work steps, it can be adjusted to other product sizes in a matter of minutes. Its compact design and completely food grade stainless steel construction as well as various installation options allow the 752C to be installed in virtually any production environment. Both the width of the side guides and transfer belts and the position of the label applicator can be easily adjusted. A thermal transfer printer can be easily integrated e.g. in order to print variable data such as batch number and expiry date. For the length of the conveyor belt, the customer can choose between different standard lengths, depending on his requirements. “Outstanding technology and a wide range of useful options make the 752C probably the most productive, flexible and economical wrap labeler available”, says Martin Kühl, head of the Labeling Machines Division of HERMA. “With the 752C, the food industry is well equipped for the increasing demand for self-service food.”