By Anish Basu Roy*

For nearly two decades, everyone has been talking about healthy snacking as the next big thing in the Indian packaged snack industry. However, that hasn’t translated into reality even today. Does that mean Indian consumers are not looking for healthier snacking options? Not at all. According to a recent survey by Ipsos India, a research consulting firm, 78% of respondents feel healthy snacking is essential (very important) (58%) and Fairly Important (20%) amidst changing lifestyles. Overall, the survey results showcase how increasingly consumers in India are changing their snacking habits.

 Historically, the Indian consumer has strongly preferred taste-led snack categories such as potato chips, extruded snacks, chocolates, and cookies. Hence, it only makes sense to give consumers healthier options in these categories rather than expecting them to change their taste preferences suddenly to health bars and makhanas. 

 With the rising demand in better-for-you products, food-tech innovation is the need of the hour. TagZ Foods is playing a pioneering role in introducing cutting-edge food technology in India. One of the first such innovations from TagZ are Popped Potato Chips with 50% less fat. TagZ is the first brand in the country to manufacture popped potato chips completely in India.  This technology makes it possible to produce fitter potato chips that are neither fried nor baked.  

Popped chips are made from potato starch and flakes that are first extruded into micro pellets and are then subjected to the process of Popping’ which involves using high temperature and pressure to ‘Pop’ the micropellets of potato into chips. The micropellet ‘pops’ because of the loss of moisture in the form of steam in the pellet which then leads to the expansion and formation of a popped chip. There is no involvement of oil during this process, making it a healthier and fitter alternative to how traditional fried snacks are made. All of this is done in our state-of-the-art piston-based popping machines.

The result of this process is a potato chip that is light, super crunchy, has the right amount of flavour, has 50% less fat, No Gluten, No Cholesterol, No Trans Fat, No Palm Oil and No Preservatives. A simple side by side comparison of the nutritional label reveals how popped chips are a much healthier alternative to other snacks on your supermarket aisles.  

The shape and structure of the TagZ popped potato chips is also unique. They have a nice crunchy, home-made texture and are curved at the edges to make it easier to have these chips with dips. Chefs across the country are already crafted some signature recipes with TagZ popped chips and toppings and dips. 

TagZ chips are available in pillow pouches and canister packs. The pillow pouches have three layers and higher thickness to ensure freshness for a longer period. These popped chips have a shelf life of 10 months.

The founder of TagZ, Anish Basu Roy says, ‘We saw the whole snacking market full of options from legacy mass brands which are either tasty or healthy. There was very little food-tech led innovation with a focus on premium snacking experiences. Hence TagZ is an urban GenZ snack brand with a focus on innovative, lip-smacking and better-for-you products. Also, we are a plastic neutral brand already.’ 

Cofounder TagZ Foods*