Snacks are considered snacks only if they weigh less than 200 calories (837 kJ) per serving. Single serving size can be measured as one handful.

Snacks Market in India

The snack industry is expanding fast, with the snacks market in India growing multi fold year on year. Snack market hyper-growth has led to hyper-competition among snacks companies, which now focus on innovative product development, ramping up a distribution network, and price promotions to stay ahead of the game. Snacks also act as impulse purchases for consumers for snacks foods available at retail shops serve as snacks whenever you shop for groceries or purchase snacks from convenience stores. And snacks manufacturers create new snacks products by making slight changes in ingredients, packaging, shape, or form of an existing snacks product.


Snacks Market Size

Snacks market size in India is worth Rs. 44,000 crore with snacks contributing 80% of snacks products or snacks brands sold is from India’s top 10 snacks companies. Industry sources claimed that snacks have 50% more shelf life compared to other snacks since snacks are packaged and sealed well. Also, snacks manufacturing companies offer a large variety of snacks ranging from traditional crispy papdi, pakoras, samosas to namkeen(savory) bhujia, kurmura etc.. these snacks have a very long shelf life of six months/ one year/ two years/ five years depending on the type of snacks manufactured by the company.

Snacks Industry in India

The snacks industry in India is growing faster than snacks growth, and snacks market size and snack revenue growth are expected to increase by 25% yearly. The snacks industry has seen tremendous growth, with snacks manufacturers investing more in snacks research and development, new product development, branding of snacks products, expansion into more unique markets, etc. Many new snacks food startups have also come up during the past few years that have opened up snacks manufacturing opportunities for professionals and entrepreneurs.

Snacks Distribution Channel

Snacks distribution channel varies from unorganized retail shops such as mom & pop stores or general stores selling traditional salty snacks to organized modern trade, including prominent everyday groceries and wholesale retailers selling packaged snacks items and retail outlets such as convenient stores and small kiosks selling snacks items. The snacks industry in India is vast. Many snacks brands are competing intensely to gain consumer acceptance with innovative snacks products launched one after the other every year along with increasing snacks distribution.

Snacks Brands

Snack market has a good number of snacks brands mainly covering traditional snacks such as pakoras, samosas, bhujia, etc. there are large snacks companies that have acquired several smaller snacks brands also which helps these larger snacks company to increase their share in the snacks market through the addition of new product line – large snacks companies like Parle, Balaji Wafers, ITC Foods, Britannia Industries, Haldiram Snacks, etc.

Turnover of Majorack Industry Players

Maharashtra is a snacks production hub with almost one-third of manufacturing units clustered in the state. The snacks industry players were faced with challenges such as fluctuating raw material prices, shortage of skilled workforce and high rentals costs, etc. Still, the snacks market has seen hyper-competition among snacks brands, and no single player is dominating the snacks market. Major snacks companies have increased their marketing spending over the past few years to maintain growth momentum for their snacks brands and increase the share of mind amongest consumers.

Snacks Production Process

The process involved in snacks food preparation requires good planning and mixing of the right amount of ingredients according to different recipes or requirements. Snacks food products are made from various kinds of materials like flour, salt, oil, vegetables, fruits, snacks items, etc. the snacks manufacturer is responsible for snacks quality and snacks safety of the snacks food product that they manufacture, which requires expertise in snacks manufacturing or snacks food technology.

Snacks Manufacturing Company

There are a good number of snacks manufacturing companies in India offering snack manufacturing services to both organized and unorganized snacks markets. In order to check the quality and safety of snacks products manufactured by any snacks company, the Indian Government has made it mandatory for every snacks manufacturer or supplier of processed foods to get their recipes /processes registered with FSSAI (Food Safety & Standards Authority of India). Few reputed company names in snacks manufacturing are Haldiram Snacks, Bikanervala Foods, Parle Products, Britannia Industries, ITC Foods, Godrej snacks foods, etc.

Snacks items offered by snacks manufacturers includes snacks items like namkeen, bhujia, nuts and mix fruits, snacks food products like sandwiches and pizza, snacks beverages like fruit juices, carbonated drinks, energy drinks, etc. snacks processing company can also offer snacks packaging services which involves a full range of printed material including snacks labels, paper cups for snacks, plastics for snacks packs, etc.

Snacks Manufacturing Company in India

There are many Indian companies providing snack manufacturing services to both organized and unorganized markets. Several large restaurants chains have started to provide their own restaurant equipment supplies business because the current Indian economic growth is increasing for durable consumer products leading to an increase in the snacks manufacturing industry in India. The Indian snacks market also sees expanded snacks outsourcing services to catering companies, snacks manufacturers, etc.

Snacks Manufacturers in Maharashtra – Snacks Manufacturing Hub in India

Maharashtra enjoys the status of being a snacks production hub for almost one-third of snacks manufacturing units clustered around the state. Most snack food processing plants are located in towns like Nasik, Aurangabad, Malegaon, Jalna, etc. Many snack processing plants provide snacks food products required by consumer retail markets and large restaurant chains. The increasing success rate of snacks startups is increasing domestic demand for snacks products, which has also led to an increase in the number of new players in the snacks market. Goods like fruits and vegetables that were snack items now have become snack items as snack manufacturing companies also offer processed snack food products with good shelf life.

Snacks Manufacturing in India – Tax Benefits

Startup snacks manufacturers can avail themselves of several tax benefits from the Indian Government for their registered snack manufacturing business. Startups in the snacks industry can claim a rupee one deduction on central taxes paid during initial years of launch, interest-free loans for snacks plant and machinery that are considered crucial to the production process, 100% exemption on profits earned by snacks company during first five years of kicking off business operations, etc. list of government subsidies offered to snacks manufacturers is quite long.


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