International technology group ANDRITZ has developed Turbex, a highly efficient extraction system toproduce functional nutrients. ANDRITZ Turbex helps to produce high-quality extracts from botanicals andnatural products and turn waste such as orange peel or brewer’s spent grain (BSG) into revenue-generatingnutrients.

This patented extraction technology works by generating high turbulence, shear, and cavitation, hundreds of times more than conventional extractors. It uses a series of rotors and stators to cause thousands of cavitation events per second, resulting in higher yields in shorter processing times. Assisted by a counter-current process, ANDRITZ Turbex delivers yields up to 50% higher than conventional systems. The low extraction temperature combined with the short processing

time improves the product quality as oxidization of valuable polyphenols and antioxidants is avoided. 

Requiring up to 30% less energy than conventional extraction methods, ANDRITZ Turbex has a faster return on investment and less environmental impact. The fact that it does not necessarily require ethanol as an extraction solvent but can operate using only water also reduces both costs and carbon footprint. Thanks to lower investment costs and operating expenses, Turbex also makes byproductvalorization an attractive option for a broad variety of applications. 

The Turbex extractor is an efficient method of extracting vegetable proteins, polyphenols, essential oils, extra virgin olive oil, antioxidants and (dietary) fiber from waste products such as spent brewer’s grain or coffee grounds, botanicals, tea leaves, citrus peel, or cannabis leaves. With the

right extraction sequence and process parameters, the valorization process can be optimized in terms of purity and product composition to obtain products with maximum commercial value. 

ANDRITZ Turbex can be installed as a retrofit to improve existing process line performance thus  making a useful addition to process line solutions such as those in the ready-to-drink-tea market.