In conversation with Newtrition, we delve into insights from founders Natasha Pamnani, Deepak Pamnani, and Hema Malini TS on carving a niche in waffle cones, drawing inspiration from the western market, and delivering nostalgia in a cone.

Q1. What inspired you to start your company? How has the trajectory of your company been so far?

Ans:  We at Newtrition, wanted to bring in new age fun foods to the Indian market and we felt that waffles are something that had a good traction in the Global Market.

Another plus point was that our parent company, R&D Engineers manufactures machinery for wafers and cones which is our greatest strength. This gave us the heads up to launch our business smoothly. Initially we had to educate the market about what really RTE waffles are. Slowly and steadily, we built our brand and as of today we have clientele all over the country who are repeatedly placing orders with us. The product is speaking for itself and we are glad with the progress so far.

All in all, our company has experienced growth and success since its inception. We are on an upward trajectory while staying true to our core values of quality, innovation, sustainability, and customer focus.

Q2. Waffle cones are infamous for being the base ingredient of ice cream. What inspired you to carve out a niche in creating waffle cones and creating variations of the same? 

Cornetto ice creams were amongst our most favorite ice cream brands back in the day and we always had fun and good memories associated with the its last delicious bite! 

 We wanted to re-invent the wheel and so, we launched the best bites, chocolate filled mini cones. When you relish our products, we are sure to take you down the good old’ memory lane.

Q3. What emerging trends are you witnessing in India when it comes to adapting to the western palate, particularly in terms of confectionery? 

As of today, the Indian customer is being exposed to so many new concepts and food products. They have become wiser in terms of their purchase decisions and because of this, we are seeing so many foreign brands with their innovative products in our market shelves. Quality and Quantity are the key factors that decide on the product sales in India.  

New products and concepts need to be marketed to the right audiences with the right offers. Product sampling also has become an integral part of promotional activity for new emerging products.

 Q4. What are the range of products that you offer? What is the key ingredient that holds commonality in all the products? 

We have a range of products. Our hero product is the “Chocolate mini cones”.  We also have other great options such as waffle crisps drizzled with chocolate in pillow pouches for institutional sales, where price point is critical. And for retail and wholesale we have the same products in bigger packs / Tumblers. For gifting and corporates, we have the waffle chips half coated with chocolate. All our products are waffle and chocolate based and are common among all our SKU’s.

Q5. Do you plan on expanding your market overseas? How do you plan on standing out in the market overseas with a product that is traditionally European? 

Yes, we do see ourselves expanding overseas. We ace in quality and do not compromise at all in taste.  Our motto for the brand will be same when it comes to Indian/ European Market. 

We use ethically sourced ingredients and manufacture with clean and simple processes. Attention to the little detail is also something we practice.

Q6. What is the void in the confectionery market that you wish to fulfil and what are your plans for the future? 

Right now, with foreign makes making their space in Indian market, we have forgotten that the same can be manufactured in India too, with the same quality/ taste or maybe even better. 

We wish to bring in new age fun foods to the Indian Market by manufacturing creative and fun products. We want to be the one stop shop for all the premium waffles ranged products and are constantly on the search and urge to creative innovative ways to make our snacks and desserts more fun and joyful, not only for kids but also for health-conscious adults.