Read the synopsis and watch the webinar on “What is it that Indian Ice Cream consumers are looking for” 

Food Marketing & Technology Magazine conducted its inaugural webinar titled “Understanding the Preferences of Indian Ice Cream Consumers” on January 24th, 2024, in collaboration with Stonefield Flavours, serving as the Knowledge Partner. 

As a long-time storytelling platform in the F&B industry for over 10+ years, the magazine continues to cultivate newer avenues of platforms that educate people on the intricacies of the industry. The webinar as a tool for the magazine emerges from a simple notion, helping avid readers and life-long learners stay on the right path and continue to find the insights and tools they need to not only navigate the industry, but to harness the power to develop a deeper understanding of the industry so that they can make better decisions amidst the fast paced growth of the Industry. 

One of the ways the magazine wants to utilise the power of storytelling in an expansive industry is through amplifying the voice of brands anchored in contributing to the various sectors in the industry.

For FMT’s debut webinar, Stonefield Flavours’ Marketing and R&D Experts, Vinod Rajasekharan, Director, Marketing and Sales, Neena Tom, Technical Director, and Keerthy Pathur, Marketing Lead took over and showcased an insightful session on the 2024 consumer insights in India in regards to the Flavour Industry, namely ice cream sector.

The Ice Cream industry is ever- evolving and still, to this day, is growing in relevancy. What started as a classic vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream has evolved into a plethora of flavours, fonts, styles, and still happens to be a fan favorite. The market value of the ice cream industry is 17,106,75 Cr in India, as of 2022. It is set to witness a 39% increase by 2027, reaching 23,784 MV. Ice cream as an industry is expansive, creative, fluid, and open to expanding in a variety of areas. While this process is exciting, it is also intimidating and daunting at the same time. However, understanding the framework of general trends from a consumer standpoint enables markets and ice cream lovers to explore within the realms of what works in the market, holding no restrictions while having the freedom to explore and experiment. 

Among Ice Cream consumers, Millenials hold the highest percentage- 49 % , Gen Z- 38%, Gen X- 13%. One way to navigate the consumer psyche is by tackling the crux of generational preferences. Millenials hold the highest percentage, hence, while keeping millenials in mind, one can traverse through concepts that are aligned with some of the core traits of millenials I.e- classic yet relevant, open to a creative flairs, and so on. Building a demographic is a great place to start.

Households with higher incomes amount to 39% of consumption, middle-34% and low-27%.

Women account to 41% and men -59%  being the largest ice cream consumers in India. 

Ice Cream consumers’ psyche can broadly be classified into the following categories:

Achiever 54% – This category scours through an evolved set of collections and believes in achieving a standard of excellence in taste, flavour, aesthetic, name, and the overall essence.

Explorer 34% – This category belongs to the hustlers, belonging to cities who appreciate different combinations and styles.

Trendsetter 1/3 TG – Curious, adventurous by nature, this category gives rise to the scope of experimentation and creativity as they happily find themselves on the receiving end of indulging in out of the ordinary flavours.

Snacker– The Urban on- the-go people who seek convenient frozen delights with a variety of novel flavours.

Fit-keeper  – This is for people who are more health conscious and opt out for health and wellness based options like pro- biotic, pre – biotic, and protein ice cream.

Keeping this paradigm in mind, create what resonates with you. 1/3 love to experiment with flavours, raising the scope as opposed to bakery and beverage industries, where the scope for experimentation is not as limitless as Ice cream Trends act as a starter to the road map that can be confusing, but the potential to play around and experiement is limitless.  Following the consumer statistical framework with one’s own touch of creative and qualitative flair calls for a signature style. 

Flavours such as Berry, Brownie, Cookie, Cheese, Peanut are growing at a fast rate. Post 2018, flavours such as Indian Kulfi, butterscotch, pistachio, mango, fruit, black forest, brownie, cashewnut. The fastest growing flavours in India are pistachio, cashew-nut, black forest, and brownie.

Top Flavour Trends in India’s Ice Cream Sector: 

These are how some of the general trends and preferences can be clubbed so as to inspire markets to make the collective market a more enjoyable experience for ice cream consumers, adding their own unique flair. 

Holidays: These are the blissful reminders that lovers of ice creams are drawn to, such as cotton candy, caramel popcorn, cappuccino, flavours that fall outside the routinely ones. 

Speciality Concepts: These cater to gourmet and artisnal ice creams. Flavours that are cafe and bakery kind. 

Multisensory: This belongs to the category, looking out for a sense of inclusion, calling for all elements to get the most out of an ice cream i.e. drizzle, cookies, sprinkles etc. 

Heritage Flavours: These flavours are associated with a region and bring the ice cream lovers back to place of home like Aam doi, Imarti, Purani Dilli Kulfi.

Beyond flavours, Ice cream has also evolved in its font. Ice Cream sandwiches at a point were very prominent. Now, fonts such as donuts x ice cream and trends such as Haagen Dazs x Biscoff are trending in the sector. Keeping in mind, 43% of ice cream lovers are drawn to a premium experience, such fonts and flavours can be used as inspiration to create concepts that can truly be enjoyed. As most of the Ice Cream lover take up photography as their hobby, using aesthetics as a tool can be pivotal in building a concept. 

Stonefield Flavours researched extensively to create this survey that can make the ice cream space more fulfilling for consumers and sellers. Stonefield Flavours have displayed a full picture of the ice cream Industry in 2024 in India, enabling markets to have a clearer picture and make more prompt decisions. The road-map that markets can create can take this framework as inspiration to enable success for both, market and consumers. 

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