Affron earns the exclusive right in the United States to the formulation and use of its saffron extract in connection with low mood support

Affron®, Pharmactive Biotech Products, SL’s flagship saffron extract, has been awarded a US patent for its proven positive role in low mood support. This patent serves as an official recognition of the company’s unique process in the formulation of affron and  its  ability to assist individuals with low mood related issues.

 The new patent essentially protects the proprietary composition and dosages of affron that renders it uniquely effective as a natural mood-support agent. “This new accreditation marks a momentous milestone for affron as it positions it as a leading-edge formulation at the forefront of the US cognitive health category,” enthuses Marguerite Gerritsen, Managing Director for Pharmactive. 

Pharmactive’s saffron ingredient is based on an all-natural and low- energy consumption  extraction process of saffron (Crocus sativus L.). Affron is manufactured using a unique proprietary AFF® ON Cool-Tech actives- saver  extraction   procedure,   which is specifically designed to optimize  the  preservation  and  concentration of the key active ingredients with minimal industrial processing, without chemicals,   and   minimal   energy use. Pharmactive has scientifically demonstrated its formulation’s fast-acting capabilities and high bioavailability in a pharmacokinetics study. It has a proven the lowest dose threshold on the market at just 28mg per day.

Affron is standardized to a high concentration of crocins and safranals — the carotenoid pigments responsible for saffron’s bioactivity, crimson color, and prized organoleptic qualities. This is verified by means of HPLC (high- performance liquid chromatography). 

While saffron has a centuries-old reputation for health benefits in traditional medicine, the high efficacy of Pharmactive’s extract is supported by half a dozen clinical studies demonstrating a positive effect on multiple aspects of mental well-being, earning it a solid reputation as an all-encompassing cognitive ingredient. The research has highlighted affron’s manifold potentials for, relieving stress, improving mood, inducing positive feelings, and enhancing sleep quality. It is also the first commercial extract that has clinically demonstrated capacity to raise teens’ spirits. 

“Affron’s mood-enhancement capa- bilities are owed  largely  to  its  role in  the  inhibition  of   the   reuptake of mood-related neurotransmitters, according to the broader spectrum of scientific literature,” informs Alberto Espinel, Head of Strategic R&D in Active and Functional Natural Ingredients for Pharmactive. “Affron possesses a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory impact. This capacity not only balances levels of key neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine, but also fights the oxidative stress that stress produces in the brain.”

Pharmactive’s patent request speci- fically delineated the effective dose and appropriate concentrations of safranal and crocin compounds in the final extract as a critical condition for exerting a positive effect on disorders related to mood. 

To overcome the common hurdles experienced by saffron  formulators  in extracting the best of the active substances  from   the   stigmas   of this highly revered and priceless botanical, Pharmactive introduced an improved step in separating the active substances. Their extraction technique is based solely on water resulting in an ingredient that is clean of any solvents or alcohols.

 The patent is paralleled with a new “Informed Ingredient” certification mark, and in recognition of the safety profile  and  high-quality  credentials of affron. This is in addition  to affron’s previously earned strongbox of quality and safety  seals  awarded by   internationally   accredited bodies, including EU Organic, DNA certification (True-ID)   confirming the authenticity of its botanicals, Doping-free, Kosher, Halal, etc. Affron is manufactured in a GMP- certified installation, complying also with ISO22000 (for its food safety management), ISO9001 (for its quality management) and ISO 14001 (for its commitment to environmental values). Pharmactive is also the official adopter of saffron by the American Botanical Council’s Adopt-an-Herb botanical research and education program, as industry leaders in saffron extracts.

“Pharmactive is able to provide nutraceutical and pharma industry players with a truly effective, wholly trustworthy botanical alternative for use in connection with low mood related issues,” concludes Gerritsen. “It also ensures our position as the ideal partner for the US market for natural, botanical mood help.”