The user-friendly, rapid, microbial screening system provides high-performance testing for low pH beverages and quality control results within 30 minutes

 Hygiena is pleased to announce a new,ultra-rapid, microbial screening kit thatprovides high-performance testing forlow pH beverages, using the InnovateSystem. The RapiScreen BeverageKit provides quality control resultsin less than 30 minutes following apreliminary incubation period, allowingmanufacturers to confirm productquality for quick release to market. Thisnew system reduces product hold timefrom 4-10 days to 1-2 days, drasticallyimproving inventory turn and cash flow.Additionally, it is specifically designedto have strong buffering capacity toneutralize often complex, high-acidcontent found in fruit juices. The kit hasalso been validated on a broad range ofmatrices beyond fruit juices, includingUHT pasteurized products, teas, energydrinks, smoothie mixes and condiments. 

When it comes to rapid results, theInnovate System can detect microbialcontamination much faster thantraditional culture methods. After a24 to 48-hour incubation, results canbe obtained in less than 30 minutes– and for 1 to 96 samples at a time.The system uses a simple three-stepprocess which makes test set-upeasy and reduces technician handsontime. It also features RapiScreenATP bioluminescence technology, theindustry standard for screening dairyand beverage products due to its speedand clear absence / presence esults.ATP testing eliminates the need for4-10-day plate incubation, drasticallyshortening production times.

Hygiena continually invests in matrixspecificvalidation studies, optimizedbuffering capacity and rapid analyticalcapabilities, to allow food and beveragemanufacturers to keep operating atpeak performance. The RapiScreenKits have been validated on rawmaterials, in-process formulations,and finished goods within the dairy,food, and beverage industries. Whilethe Innovate platform was traditionallyused to test dairy and dairy-alternativeproducts, it now also extends out tobeverage products such as highlyacidic fruit juices.

“With the ever-expanding beverageindustry, there is a growing need forrapid quality management and earlypreventative controls to reduce therisk of product contamination. Thanksto the automation of the system with ahigh throughput, multiple products canbe run on a single microtiter plate everyhalf hour. Subsequent assays can beprepared even while the system is inuse to keep high-volume operationsrunning smoothly. By shorteningtime to results, facilities can reduceinventory requirements, warehousespace and safety stock, resulting insignificant savings, which impacts thebottom line positively,” commentedSteven Nason, CEO of Hygiena.

“As a global vendor to the largestand smallest food and beveragecompanies around the world, we havebeen developing and introducinginstruments, kits, and software to themarket for more than 20 years to helpprotect customer brands and productsas well as consumers from microbialcontamination. RapiScreen is a greataddition to our large portfolio of foodand beverage diagnostic solutions andfurther strengthens our mission ofhelping prevent illness, save lives, andcontribute to making the world a saferplace,” Steven Nason concluded.

The Innovate RapiScreen Beverage Kit Features and Benefits:

  • Delivers industry-leading, crossmatrix accuracy on low pH beverages
  • Reduces product release by 2-5days thus reducing inventory andspace requirements, as well assafety stock volumes
  • Simplifies operation in a streamlined3-step procedure, shortening handsontime compared to traditionalmethods
  • Additional buffering capacity neutralizesacidic products consistently
  • Validated on broad range of matrices
  • Based on core technology that hasbeen used in the food and beverageindustry for microbial contaminationfor over 20 years