With its new NF100M heat exchanger plate, Kelvion offers a solution for operations with viscous and particle-containing media, as they occur in the following sectors:

in the production of fruit and vegetable juices, as well as ketchup and mayonnaise; in sugar production (thick juice and syrup); in the paper and cellulose industry;

in production of bioethanol; and in the treatment of industrial waste water.

The new Kelvion plate complements the NF series in the mid-performance range and is available in stainless steel and titanium. Special engineering design features of the NF100M heat exchanger plate include free-flow channels with constant width of the flow gap and continuous support lines – which enables particles up to 3 mm diameter to flow through separate gaps without causing blockage. This design, inspired by the Kelvion N40 predecessor series, enables energyefficient treatment of these demanding media. Long production periods between cleaning cycles result in low operating costs. The new NF100M uses the same frame as the NT100M plates, which offers the option to replace NT100M by the new NF100M plates without great time or cost expenditure.

Re-assembly of the heat exchangers after inspection work is made easy by the Kelvion PosLoc™ assembly system, which ensures optimal centering of the plate pack. In addition, the EcoLoc gasket fixation has positive effects on the seal effectiveness of the heat exchangers – and results in greater reliability and long service life. Easy assembly assures short maintenance and repair times, as reflected by lower life-cycle costs.