Innovation providing multiple sensorial benefits unveiled at IFFA 2022

Givaudan has introduced NaNino+TM, a patent-pending synergistic combination of plant-based ingredients and natural flavourings that can be used as a nitrite replacement in processed meat. Expertly designed with our natural ingredients, it provides a lasting multi-sensorial food experience with great taste, colour and freshness. 

With the increased scrutiny aroundnitrites and growing consumer demandfor healthier alternatives, processedmeat manufacturers are looking forclean label solutions to naturally avoidthe use of nitrites in their recipes. 

Guillaume Gaborit, Global ProductManager for Sense Preservationat Givaudan said: “Because nitritesprovide multiple benefits, replacingthem is no easy task. Alternativesolutions must provide the same levelof performance without the associatedrisks. This is what sets NaNino+TMapart: it’s an integrated solutionthat not only ensures freshnessthroughout shelf life, but also deliversa cured-like multi-sensory experiencein terms of taste and colour. Thiscompelling combination provides highperformance in the application itselfand may allow for a “nitrite-free” claimon the label[1].”

 NaNino+TM is a new addition tothe company’s Sense Preservation

portfolio of natural shelf life solutionsand complements its existing cleanlabel curing alternatives. Availableinitially in Europe for emulsifiedcooked sausages to start, expansionto other applications, such ascooked ham and bacon will follow. Asregulations vary significantly frommarket to market, Givaudan has thecapabilities to support customersby tailor-fitting NaNino+TM andother natural shelf life solutionsto local regulations and consumerpreferences.

Aurélied’Espalungue, RegionalProduct Manager FunctionalIngredients, Europe, commented: “Thelaunch of NaNino+TM at IFFA is welltimed as many European regulatorsare questioning the use of nitrites inprocessed meat. NaNino+TM offersmanufacturers the recognisable, cleanlabelling consumers have come toexpect.”