iXAPACK GLOBAL is a French family owned company which has, over the years and thanks to the experience gained from various markets, developed to design, manufacture and offer 3 ranges of equipment (weighing/ultrasonic cutting, wrapping and secondary packaging). In constant evolution, these ranges can be integrated with each other   or with existing production lines.

Primary packaging is one of the sectors in which iXAPACK GLOBAL develops equipment, always with a top-of-the-range positioning, for fully automated premium machines and the aim of offering higher performance to its customers.

X-Fold Wrapping Machine Ax50

The AX50 range of wrapping machines is ideal for the production of biscuits, wafers, hygiene products, cosmetics, tea/coffee, to provide them packaging with X-folds shaping. For products grouped or stacked, this machine adapts both to the machine infeed (perpendicular or longitudinal depending on their crumbliness) and to the packaging options (tear-off strips with tear start, marking, single or double fold sealing).

Flow Wrapper Af300

Wrapping multiple products at high speed with a 3-seal bag (two transversal and one longitudinal) is also possible with the AF300 Flow Wrapper model. Individually, grouped or stacked, the wrapping machine does not put high pressure on fragile products, while guaranteeing optimal sealing, suitable for a handling by operators or overwrapping machines at machine output.

New Fresh & Packed Afsa
Flow Wrapper

In order to offer more innovations to its customers, iXAPACK GLOBAL has developed a new Flow Wrapper. The AFSA version, allowing to pack fresh products, ensures bags compliance with the strict standards and measures of this sector, such as the sealing of the packaging, for a prolonged BBDate.

To ensure products freshness, a gas injection is sent in each bag. Then, a control system evaluates the quality and volume of gas in each package. Depending on the data collected, an analyser corrects instantaneously in case of over or underdosing.