Plastic is one of the widely used material and the most ideal and convenient form of packaging, However recyclability is the major challenge in the use of plastics for packaging. Paper has gained tremendous popularity since it can be recyclable and is environmentally friendly, renewable and biodegradable. Paper provides a versatile and responsible packaging solutions for product manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. Despite of paper being one the best replacement option to plastic, it comes with several limitations compared to plastic. Some of the limitations of paper can be overcome by the use of barrier technology. Improving paper’s barrier properties can increase its viability as a packaging material. With the push towards sustainability, repulpability and recyclability, water-based technologies are gaining acceptance.

Michelman is a global developer and manufacturer of environmentally friendly coatings for the packaging industry. Michelman Water based coatings can be recycled and repulped. These green solutions are eco-friendly and can also improve and impart Oil & Grease resistance on paper, water repellency on paper, it can also improve the aesthetics of paper used for packaging, some coatings can even impart heat seal properties to paper. 

With the latest notification of plastic ban implementation, in August 2021, the Indian government continues to show its commitment to supporting greener packaging solutions by making recyclability, downsizing, and down-gauging top priorities for both Indian manufacturers and the multinational companies. The recent ban on single-use plastic provides an excellent opportunity for the creation of paper and paperboard-based packaging solutions.

 Many E-commerce Brands &converters are now focussed on recyclability & repulpability and have switched to paper packaging with coatings for barrier properties. Not only for the E-commerce industry, Coatings also play a crucial role in the food service industry as well as coatings can also impart oil and grease resistance to paper, which is an excellent functionality for disposable take away boxes, most commonly used in restaurants, sweet boxes, and seafood applications, etc.

For packaging converters looking for compostable solutions, Michelman is excited to announce the certification of three high performance products to help make design and performance needs a reality.  The three PFAS-free coatings, Michem® Coat 2000, Michem® Coat 525, and Hydraban® 8000, have recently complied with the specifications established by the American Society for Testing and Materials standards ASTM D6400 and D6868 per the terms and conditions of Biodegradable Products Institute’s (BPI) certification program for compostable products. These products have had biodegradation and ecotoxicity testing in order to receive BPI certification. This testing means that Michelman BPI certified coatings are proven to biodegrade in an industrial compost environment and can be used in quantities typical for the applications they are designed for with minimal limitations. The newly developed Michem® Coat 2000 and Michem® Coat 525 are functional coatings that provide maximum oil and grease performance in fiber-based food service applications. Hydraban® 8000 is a water-resistant paper coating with excellent gluability and printability used for food packaging. Michelman’s portfolio of compostable coatings is currently available only in North America, with global development underway. 

Michelman’s purpose is “Innovating a Sustainable Future”, and we are passionate about making a difference.  We have a 70-year history of providing water-based solutions. We have an innovation centre in India called ‘Michelman Innovation centre for coatings’ (MICC), where we can ideate and develop packaging prototypes for brands and converters. Businesses can collaborate with Michelman’s technical experts to become Plastic Waste Management compliant. Our holistic approach of dedicated space, collaborative innovation, and technologyallow all members of the packaging value chain, including brand owners, film producers, and converters to access the tools needed to develop innovative and sustainable solutions.