The tradeshows bring new opportunities to launch and introduce new products and innovations across the industry stalwarts. Mespack continuing its tradition of introducing pathbreaking products to its esteemed consumers, is here again with the launch of a new solution for secondary packaging, the MCP series. This series, comprised of automatic American box machines, is integrated with a robotic picking system.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, secondary packaging has ascended to a paramount role in ensuring the safe transit, protection of products, and primary packaging for our consumers. As supply-chains span vast distances and traverse various handling points, the significance of secondary packaging has intensified over the years.

Additionally, secondary packaging acts as a pivotal asset in preventing product damage, preserving branding, and reducing waste. The intricately designed structures, often featuring cushioning and compart mentalization, minimize the potential for in-transit mishaps. Such protection not only conserves resources but also amplifies clients’ confidence in a supplier’s commitment to sustainability and quality.

Mespack places a strong emphasis on sustainability and offer integrated solutions for end-of-line production requirements. From all kinds of flexible packaging to our end-of-line solutions, we have the ability to operate with various secondary packaging formats.

In reference to American box solutions, the MCP series is regarded as the new secondary packaging picking equipment that can provide turnkey projects for the RSC market. This state-of-the-art machine is not only highly technological but also includes devices such as delta robots and servos. As a result of its versatility, and in order to increase production speed, up to 4 four picking modules are available. This new MCP series offers numerous features like an optional acceleration belt, a vision system, a picking system, an automatic changeover belt and flap control guides.

At Mespack, we realize that customers increasingly prioritize turnkey solutions, allowing them to focus on their core business and have one single interlocutor that facilitates the entire processes of both primary and secondary packaging. Hence, we hugely focus on providing all solutions on one platform to our consumers.

Like our entire Mespack product range, this series also operates on the Athena Digital platform, ensuring seamless integration with primary packaging machines. The Athena platform allows Mespack to successfully offer turnkey projects.

Having only one partner for primary and secondary packaging solutions has several benefits which includes:

  • Single point of contact for all packaging needs
  • Expertise in flexible primary packaging
  • Complete project vision and control (from primary packaging to secondary and EoL)
  • High efficiency of the entire line
  • Accurate layout of the full line
  • The bulk of a line in the same place
  • Cost reduction for the customer

Mespack boasts an extensive product portfolio in the industry, offering horizontal (including roll-stock, pre-made, and hybrid), vertical, and water-soluble pods equipment for the production of sachets, stick packs, stand-up pouches, film-based packaging, and end-of-line solutions.

About Mespack

Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Mespack is an international manufacturer of flexible packaging machinery, offering horizontal (roll-stock, pre-made, and hybrid) as well as vertical form fill and seal equipment to produce sachets, stick packs, stand-up pouches, or other film-based packaging. Furthermore, the company provides water-soluble pods and end-of-line equipment (wrap-around and American box). Mespack engineers and builds premium quality machinery for the world’s leading consumer packaged goods companies. Recognized as a highly innovative brand, and strongly committed to developing machinery for the production of sustainable packaging solutions, Mespack has the largest product portfolio in the industry. Founded in 1994, Mespack boasts a substantial fleet of machines in service worldwide, along with an extensive sales network spanning numerous countries and regional service centers offering access to parts and services.

Mespack serves numerous industries, including food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, personal care, pet food, among others. Mespack has more than 17.700m2 of space that is divided into three manufacturing plants: one in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda (Barcelona, Spain), another in Vadodara (India), and the last in Des Plaines (Chicago, USA). Furthermore, the company has commercial offices in France, China, Malaysia, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Guatemala. Recently, the Mespack Innovation Centre (MIC) was opened. This facility concentrates on the development of innovative projects with the most state-of-the-art equipment that is prepared to test recyclable materials. Following the principles of open innovation, Mespack collaborates with key partners of the flexible packaging sector in order to co-create challenging and customized projects for its customers. Since 2015, Mespack has been a part of Duravant, a global automation equipment company with a premium portfolio of products, services, and integrated solutions.  

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