Washboy® began its journey in the year 2002 at Bangalore, India with a professionally superintended workforce having vast industrial experience which helps the customer to customize the essential grade of Heavy-Duty High Pressure Industrial Cleaning Machines.

Our Principle Business Objective is to bring a feel good experience to the quality of equipment and provide an excellent after sales service with original spare parts.


  • Superior cleaning outcome in shortest time
  • Reduce water consumption by 60%
  • Reduce cleaning time by 50%
  • Reduce bacterial attack
  • Easy to operate & low maintenance

Our products are diversified into Mobile Units, Centralized Machines and Silikal Floor Coating. 

Washboy Industrial High-Pressure Cleaners are heavy-duty machines which have a work capacity of more than 8 to 10 hours. 

Washboy has a team of well-trained technicians, skilled to repair machine parts rapidly and perfectly while being cost effective. We have upskilled the Customer’s Maintenance Team to do preventive maintenance, emergency repair of machines at our warehouse or at customer’s site by providing quality service with original spare parts promptly and expeditiously. 

We hand-pick and design our pumps with never stop increasing capacity for Industrial applications. All our models are fitted with additional Motor Protection System which switches off the incoming power in case of power fluctuation or phase failure. Our movable units are easy-to-handle. Centralized units are best  for industrial applications. 

The High-Pressure Water Cleaner by Washboy® is the best possible choice for the Food Processing Industry;

it  provides effective cleaning and hygienic conditions but also saves 80% of water when compared to conventional cleaning. Washboy machines are used in areas where hygiene is primarily important. This industrial cleaning equipment removes adhesive dirts and controls the bacterial growth of the surfaces.

Washboy machines are available in two systems: – 

  1. Washboy Trolley Units- The trolley machines come with 170 bar for commercial application and 200 bar for industrial application with adjustable pressure outlined for all type of cleaning applications. Consuming 6KW power with a pump capacity of 900 volume/LPH, can work for longer hours with reduced electrical power and water consumption. Having a compact size with 3-Phase connection, imported triple ceramic plunger pumps are accompanied directly by coupled motor and advanced nozzles which are held to convey pulsation free high-pressure water with inlet temperature 50℃ for effectual cleaning. 
  1. Washboy Centralized Units- The centralized machine with adjustable pressure 10-200 bar working pressure is outlined for all type of cleaning applications for industrial use. The centralized unit is custom made to customer requirement with Time Delay Stop, Leak Detection System and bigger pump for longer duration of work. A single machine consumes 6KW power with a pump capacity of 900 volume/LPH is easy to use with low maintenance and cleans rapidly. A 3-Phase connection stationary unit, can be lodged in an equipment room. The system can provide innumerable drop stations with plug in and plug out high pressure hose at divergent areas of cleaning. Even if the user has no contact with the machine, it would suspend in 30 seconds when not in use and starts again by pressing the high-pressure gun. 

We are delighted to announce that we have done 100 installations all over India. As we are concerned about customer’s perspective, satisfaction, and feedbacks, we upgrade our products once in five years. We have recently done advancements in our products for customers’ satisfaction.

We acknowledge our commitment to a customer-first attitude which renders long-term success.

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