Key Feature:  Intelligent Recipe Management System 

Technology Partner:   Axtel Industries Limited (

Haldiram Snacks, Nagpur has been producing a variety of sweets and namkeens (Indian Snacks), since decades. Haldiram’s is renowned for its reliability and consistency in taste and flavours across the delicacies.

Mr Sushil Agarwal, Director, is a staunch believer in technology, and is very successful in automating most of the production processes across all their factories in Nagpur.  He imbibes hygienic processing philosophy and is adept in applying best industry practises.

Their captive requirement for seasonings exceeds over 15,000 tonnes per annum, with more than 100 variants and flavours. Mr Agarwal had a vision to process these seasoning powders with utmost automation and accountability, needless to say, without compromising the accuracies in formulations and the overall quality.

This led to beginning of multiple rounds of brainstorming sessions along with their technology partner, Axtel, who provides customised and tailor-made processing solutions for the food industry. Axtel developed an Integrated Grinding, Batching and Mixing System, which is completely automated and error-free. All the ingredients, ranging from bulks to smalls, minors and micros are automatically and accurately dispensed by the system, without any human intervention.

The entire system, besides being dust-free and clean, is intelligently controlled by SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), with necessary process and safety interlocks in place. The system allows real time monitoring of processes, capacities and accuracies. The system deploys advanced Mixer, to enable quick mixing of all ingredients, thereby delivering an output of 4 tonnes per hour.