As one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of screw conveyors, WAMGROUP offers the TXF-type tubular screw feeder, which meets the specific needs of the food industry in applications where minimum residue is a strict requirement. The TXF is manufactured from stainless steel in a food-grade finish. Helicoid flighting is continuously welded and smoothly finished, which prevents residue and bacteria nesting inside the housing.

Minimum clearance between screw and tubular housing and a reverse pitch flight section beyond the outlet that keeps the end plate clean ensure that the material handled is completely discharged.

The TXF is available in different inlet and outlet configurations to suit a variety of process layouts. The feeders are powered by a direct drive. Optionally, they are equipped with coupling or chain transmission.

WAMGROUP screw feeders have been successfully operating in the food sector for decades. Economies of scale through standardization of components and their constant availability on the production lines ensure a high-quality industrial product, while the Group’s global subsidiary network guarantees efficient customer service and spare parts supply.

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