When it comes to choosing which food and beverage products consumers like, there are 3 key aspects which lead to trying products and continuously buying those brands. Flavor, color, and texture are 3 major areas in why consumers continue to purchase a brand of choice. So how influential are these 3 aspects and what are consumers seeking in 2021


Over the past few years there has been much attention on healthier alternatives within the food and beverage market, however consumers still prioritize taste as a key driver to why they choose a product. In 2021, FMCG Gurus shows that consumers will be looking for new and exotic flavors from brands within a number of categories. This is highlighted as 74% of global consumers state they like food and drink products with new and unusual flavors. Especially in the case for chocolate as 77% of consumers would like to see new unusual flavors in this market.

Due to the current global situations with many consumers stuck at home, they are looking for new ways to escape their reality through food and drink.  This is highlighted as 74% of consumers stated they like new usually flavors from around the world. Not only are consumers seeking new exotic flavors, but also 68% of global consumers would be willing to pay a premium price for these products. Therefore, there is an opportunity for brands to target these consumers with exotic flavors from around the world to help as they look to food and beverages for escapism purposes.

Consumers are also turning to traditional/ nostalgic flavors which reminds them of simpler times. The COVID-19 pandemic has left numerous consumers across the globe in a state of worry and anxiousness about the future. FMCG Gurus research shows that 68% of global  consumers find traditional and nostalgic flavors appealing within food, with over 70% suggesting they like these flavors because it offers them comfort.

As consumers look to adopt a holistic health approach to life, looking to improve all aspects of their health including their diets, they are seeking out healthier and more natural products. Natural flavors can be  very  appealing to consumers as they will be highly associated with being better for them. Consumers are most likely to look for natural flavors in the following markets: Coffee (82%), Yoghurt (82%), and Fruit Drinks (83%). These are highly important as 64% of global consumers would agree that they would pay a premium for these natural flavors, as they are seen as healthier options.


When it comes to color in food and beverage products it is very important that brands get this right. FMCG Gurus highlights that 57% of global consumers find color influential when purchasing products. New and experimental colors can also be appealing to consumers with 46% of global consumers agreeing with this. This is due to consumers associating these colors with more fun and exciting products, something which is needed in a time of worry. However, experimental colors are also associated with being not natural which is a key driver to why 30% do not find these products appealing. These colors can be associated with being artificial, something in which consumers are actively looking to avoid.

It takes a consumer a matter of seconds to choose which product to buy there- fore color is a key element to food and beverage    products.    Although    49% of consumers state they would pay a premium for products with experimental colors, traditional colors which con- sumers know and trust are a lot more influential when purchasing food and drink products. This highlights again that consumers may not trust experimental colors as they can be seen as artificial and not good for their health. This is key, in a time where consumers are actively seeking to improve their health to be less vulnerable to catching any disease or illness.

When asked which colors were most appealing within beverages such as juice drinks a large number of consumers prefer colors that resemble fruits. FMCG Gurus research shows that Orange, Red, and Yellow are three of the most popular colorsin regards to juice drinks. This can be associated that they are more natural which resembles the flavors they like and know. Therefore, it is important for brands to understand that natural colors associated with healthier flavors such as fruits are more appealing to consumers in a time of uncertainty around health and wellness.


Texture is also another key component to why consumers would choose to go back to certain foods and drinks. This is again highlighted as 59% of global consumers state that the texture of a product is influential when purchasing products.

However, texture preferences vary largely by category. When it comes to the beverage market only 28% of consumers would like to experiment with unusual textures. One of the main reasons for this is that consumers already associate a product with a certain texture and do not want their favorite brands to change this. So, when deciding whether to use new unusual textures or traditional textures consumers are already aware of, it is important to know that 88% of global consumers state that traditional textures they know and trust are more influential, with only 7% preferring new textures.


Flavors, colors, and textures all play a key role in why consumers like to choose certain products. When addressing flavors, brands and manufacturers can target consumers who are looking for escapism with nostalgic flavors or new and exciting flavors which are specific to certain areas in the world. This will be a key trend driving forward in 2021 as COVID-19 still impacts consumers daily lives. Colors are also key, however due to a health kick in 2021 with consumers looking for natural products consumer may look to avoid artificial and unnatural colors. It is important that brands and manufacturers offer exciting new colors which are made from natural ingredients with simpler  messaging for consumers. Finally, it is important to understand that consumers do not like change when indulging in their favorite products as they have certain associations with textures and the products they like.