Perfect your specialty potato products

Local specialty potato products such as aloo tikki, begedil and well-known favorites such as hash browns and potato croquettes all call for a careful balance of texture, timing and temperature. Marel experts have pinpointed five ways to help improve your production and create delicious products every single time.

1. Get an even mixing process

Achieving an even mixing process is key to ensuring that your potato mass is uniform and has the right consistency. It’s important to evenly mix all ingredients to achieve an even distribution of ingredients and spices in the flavor mix. This significantly influences the consistency of the end products.

2. Use a low-pressure forming method

A low-pressure pump is ideal for portioning products such as potato waffles, rösti, croquettes and hash browns, as well as products with vegetable inclusions. This is because low-pressure forming does not compact the mass that much. It also helps to retain the texture and structure of vegetables and other inclusions.

3. Improve flexibility and product variety

Being able to not only produce local specialties, but also international favorites such as hash browns, croquettes and pommes duchesse can give you a significant competitive edge. It is therefore well worth investing in a flexible processing line that can produce products of multiple shapes and sizes, from potato gems to larger hash browns and more complex shapes like smileys and waffles. With this flexibility, you can easily broaden your product portfolio and adapt quickly to seasonality and new trends.

 4. Achieve uniform coating

Coating potato products with different types of coating allows you to create an even wider range. Getting an even, consistent coating on every part is not only vital for taste and appearance, it also offers the product some protection from damage. Look for equipment that will dispense the right amount of wet or dry coating and cover your product thoroughly every single time. This not only ensures that it is consistent, it also prevents wastage of raw materials.

 5. Ensure a consistent frying climate

Frying is an important step in the production process. It fixates any applied coating and gives your products their attractive, golden crispy finish and taste. It is important to uniformly fry all products, which requires using a fryer that keeps the frying climate constant throughout the frying process. Furthermore, it is important that the fryer can achieve a high oil circulation to ensure optimum heat transfer. Both factors combined help to produce uniform end products.

Marel has a range of potato processing solutions

Marel is an industry leader in food processing technology. We offer a range of full-line solutions and stand-alone machines that make the most efficient use of ingredients to create consistently delicious potato products. 

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