Methyl Methacrylate flooring are slowly getting recognised by commercial and industrial construction projects because of their advantages. Given the right conditions, MMA flooring will cure or achieves its mechanical strength 100% in 60 minutes of installation of the last layer. Floors that require a renovation but cannot shut down, MMA floors are the solution during these busy times, this means that the surface can be subjected to full operational use under an extremely tight turnaround because of its speed application and curing time, chemical resistant, anti-skid properties, monolithic and hygienic floor properties. 

The seamless floor coating can usually be applied, or damaged areas repaired, without any interruption to refrigeration – at temperatures down to -25 °C. In around an hour, the new Silikal coating in a cold store would have  already cured and reached full strength. So, the whole process can be completed in an evening or at the weekend to avoid any disruption to normal working hours. The same applies for repairing damaged areas of a surface with the successful Silikal R 17 repair mortar system. These are key advantages for cold stores in particular, which result in an enormous saving on time and money. 

But that’s not all. Silikal floor has a lot to offer in terms of aesthetics. There are  huge range of colours to choose from, enabling you to create an attractive working environment. 

MMA floors are not only applied on new concrete but also on old concrete, tiles, metal, wood and on natural stone. This versatility saves hours in surface preparation, particularly in maintenance shutdown scenarios, as it can be applied directly on to the existing floor finish. 

MMA floors have extremely low volatile organic compound (VOC) and is non-toxic. MMA has a distinct odour during application which is harmless and eliminated with the right ventilation system in place.

Silikal India! The best because briefly our product is

  • Ideal for new construction, renovation, repair.
  • Resistant to acids, alkalis, greases, oils, salts, and other aggressive substances.
  • Seamless, dust-free, easy to clean.
  • Can be applied without interrupting operation. One hour after application of the last coat, the floor is cured and thus fully resistant to mechanical and chemical stress.
  • Can be cured at  temperatures as low as minus 25°C
  • Non-slip or smooth surfaces – as desired.
  • Abrasion, wear, and pressure resistant up to over 100 N/mm².
  • UV protected floor – good for outdoor.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Easy to rework.
  • Proven worldwide for over 60 years on many millions of square meters.

Silikal® GmbH, founded in 1951 and based in Mainhausen near Frankfurt am Main, has been developing and manufacturing reactive resins for flooring and building protection based on methyl methacrylate, epoxy and polyurethane for more than 60 years. The extensive range includes products for concrete repairs and maintenance, for industrial and commercial flooring, for waterproofing of buildings, road markings, tactile guidance systems and orthopaedic resins, for example. Marketing takes place via the company’s own sales team, representatives, specialist installers from the trade, construction and building protection companies as well as intermediaries such as engineers, planners and architects. Silikal now operates in more than 60 countries worldwide and is represented in Germany and Europe as well as on every continent in the world. Silikal® India started its operations in 2017 in Bangalore, Karnataka, focused only on MMA flooring.

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