A newly developed apple pectin provides a simple solution in the production of enriched confectionery that is suitable for numerous functional ingredients. An additional buffer is not required. Only the pH value of the recipe concerned must be adjusted using the quantity of edible acid.

To manufacture vegan fruit gummies with pectin, a sweet mass is cooked, poured into moulds and then cooled until it gelatinises in just a couple of minutes. The advantages of pectin compared with other hydrocolloids include its low boiling viscosity and fast gelification. This is combined with easy manufacturability and high efficiency. If the sweets are to be enriched with functional ingredients, they can be added to the hot mass during the cooking process before gelification. The choice and options for these ingredients are seemingly limitless: minerals, vitamins, fiber, plant extract, cider vinegar and much more. The problem: Acids and minerals in particular can interact with pectin and thus impact the gelification.

New pectin with significantly increased tolerance

Confectionery pectins supplied by Herbstreith & Fox are already famous for their high tolerance to recipe parameters. With their latest creation, Pectin Classic AS 519, H&F is again exceeding this benchmark. By selecting special apple pectins, they have managed to significantly increase tolerance towards cations. The additional multifunctional, strong buffer system makes the newly developed apple pectin extremely intolerant towards minerals, acids, vitamins and plant extracts. The pectin texture is smooth and can be conveniently and quickly made into a firm or gum-like chewable sweet. It can even be used to make sugar-free gum confectionery, as the new H&F pectin is sugar-free.

Classic AS 519 pectin

  • Flexible apple pectin
  • Multifunctional buffer system
  • Very tolerant towards functional ingredients
  • No additional buffer necessary
  • Versatile use
  • Slow gelification
  • Excellent castability
  • Sugar-free.

Apple pectin: The optimal solution for sugar-reduced confectionery

The demand for sugar-reduced or sugar-free confectionery is increasing along with consumers’ awareness of nutrition. However, the production of such confectionery can be very challenging. Many trials are often necessary to figure out the influence on texture and storage stability. Herbstreith & Fox offers solutions that meet these challenges with its versatile and flexible pectins, such as the already buffered and slow-gelling apple pectins. Pectin Classic AS 519 gels reliably with sugar substitutes, such as maltitol syrup, xylitol, isomalt, erythritol, polydextrose, maltitol, sorbitol, inulin and allulose. In addition, apple pectin can be used excellently in combination with functional additives and sugar reduction.