Gain Certainty in Manufacturing

Production variations can occur unexpectedly and compromise product quality and consistency. If left unchecked, those problems can raise costs, steal profits and potentially tarnish your brand. By compiling data from scales in your manufacturing operation, Collect+ provides managers with quick and convenient information visualizations. See when and where anomalies appear, and know exactly where to take action.

Collect+ offers benefits in a variety of critical applications, including:

  • Completeness checks for kits or injection-molding systems
  • Checkweighing for food and discrete manufacturing
  • Food portioning and classification
  • Inventory management, including tank-level monitoring
  • Assessing worker performance

Monitor Product Quality

Display key performance indicators in helpful dashboards to observe trends and identify deviations. Ensure product quality by quickly making informed decisions before failures occur.

 Track Production Efficiency

Estimate process performance per workstation or forecast total throughput. Improve predictions and allocate resources efficiently. Save process time and increase productivity through automatic data recording.

 Remote Monitoring Display

Know exact inventory levels in remote silo farms. Track environmental factors, such as temperature and pressure. Customize data collection intervals to match operational needs.

 Collect and Store Data Easily

Efficiently store all measurement values centrally and electronically. Save time and money by effortlessly exporting the raw data to other systems in your plant, including Microsoft® Excel®, and saving dashboard views to PDF.

Collect+ Data Collection

Features and Benefits

 Data Collection

  • Gather process data from a variety of devices, including scale terminals and other sensors.
  • Eliminate manual data-tracking procedures saving time and increasing operator efficiency.
  • RS232 and Ethernet TCP/IP connection interfaces provide flexibility when attaching measuring devices.
  • Store millions of records using Microsoft® SQL Server.

Graphical Visualization

  • Easily analyze current production status using dynamic and engaging dashboards.
  • Track key performance indicators with ease using customizable dashboards.
  • Integrated dashboard editor allows for the creation of a dashboard style for every individual and role.

Knowledge Sharing

  • Share web-based dashboard links within the organization.
  • View dashboards from anywhere within the network, including tablets and smartphones.
  • Export data in standard CSV file format allowing for advanced analysis in third-party software.
  • Print or save dashboards as PDF files for reporting and data archiving.


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