By Vinod Rajasekharan*

|| “Premium dairy taste in every bite, not just a touch of it.” ||

In recent years, the demand for authentic dairy flavours in food products is growing every day. Consumers are opting for the authentic taste of natural butter, homemade ghee, and other dairy products, close to the taste of real dairy ingredients. The demand for natural and authentic dairy flavour is not restricted to premium products alone. Consumers want to experience premium dairy flavour in a simple 10 rupees butter cookie packet.

Dairy full experience

According to market research, the global dairy ingredients market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.7% between 2021 and 2026. This growth is driven by rising demand for dairy products, including ice cream, bakery, and confectionery products. In addition, the trend towards premium flavours is contributing to this growth, with consumers willing to pay more for products that offer a superior taste experience.

Authentic Taste – Authentic Dairy – Authentic Flavour

Due to the rising demand for authentic flavours and shift in consumer preferences, brands are using concentrated dairy powder flavours to enhance the dairy notes in their products. Brands that fail to cater to this demand risk losing customers to competitors who prioritise the quality and taste of their dairy ingredients.

Increased awareness about health and nutrition, the growing popularity of clean-label products, and a desire for more indulgent food experiences are some of the contributing factors to premium dairy taste. Consumers are willing to pay a premium for high-quality dairy products, and brands that can deliver on this promise stand to gain a loyal customer base.

Diverse Dairy Dishes

India, known for its vibrant food palette, has a signature authentic food, specific to every region. Although the taste and flavour preferences change according to the place and trends, a single food item that unites every region irrespective of its taste preferences is milk.

Starting from ice creams to malai-based sweets, milk is the star in many dishes. Aromatic ghee cakes, butter cream sandwiches or mango lassis are such intrinsic tastes of Indian dining experiences. Who doesn’t want to get a taste of dairy in every bite? Dairy for Indian consumers is a delightful experience in itself.

Dairy Taste for the Diet-Conscious Consumers

Diet-conscious consumers love to enjoy their milkshakes/protein shakes/protein bars without fearing the fat content of the dairy. These customers want to enjoy the same richness and mouthfeel of a full-cream milkshake with less fat. Incorporating premium dairy notes without fearing the fat content is a dream come true for manufacturers and customers alike.

Dairy usage in ice creams

At times when vegetable fats are used as replacements for dairy in frozen desserts, and ice creams, consumers miss out on experiencing the real essence of dairy. Replacing dairy with vegetable fats for cost efficiency could lead to compromised taste and quality of the products that wouldn’t be appreciated by the consumers of the future. Concentrated dairy enhancers that are made from real dairy extracts can lend superior dairy experiences to products that are made of non-dairy fats as well. Brands must leverage advanced dairy technology solutions to bring in the best of dairy experiences in products.

DairyONE – Premium Dairy Notes

A simple ice cream or A thick cheesecake

A bar of plain white chocolate or A thick milkshake

A flavourful whey protein or A crunchy milky biscuit 

At Stonefield, the fastest-growing Indian flavour manufacturing MNC, we recognize the growing demand for premium dairy flavours among people of all ages. We believe that dairy is more than a taste! It is region specific, flavourful, and highly beloved by many.

Stonefield’s DairyONE range of dairy boosters helps you recreate the premium taste of dairy without compromising on its authenticity. DairyONE also helps to improve the richness and creaminess of products wherever dairy comes as an ingredient. DairyONE has a wide range of dairy flavours like ButterONE, CheeseONE, CreamONE, MilkONE etc. Dairy ONE enhances the richness and impact of dairy by up to 10 times, enhancing the premium notes.


The trend towards authentic and premium dairy flavours is here to stay. Brands that prioritise the quality and taste of their dairy ingredients stand to gain a loyal customer base and a competitive edge in the market.

About the Author:

*Director, Sales and Marketing, Stonefield Flavours is a veteran food and dairy technologist with over 26 years of rich experience working across F&B categories. His magical hands have gone into making recipes and formulations for some of the bestselling biscuits and cakes of the world.