The Food Hygiene Regulation (FHR) requires all companies producing, processing, preparing or placing foodstuffs on the market to identify, sustainably monitor and document their food-safety critical work stages and implement appropriate safety measures.

Reliable equipment and measures are therefore required in order to effectively protect  hygiene-sensitive   company  areas against possible contamination by employees, especially by their bare hands, which often have direct contact with food and must therefore be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after work.

When it comes to the technical safety measures required by the FHR, Kohlhoff Hygienetechnik is a competent  partner  for food manufacturers, who offers a comprehensive program with well-proven and efficient solutions. For about 30 years, the company based in Unna, Germany, has been developing, manufacturing and selling equipment, machines and systems for personnel and industrial hygiene. The focus of the offer is on compact hygiene sluices for the cleaning, disinfection and drying of hands as well as for boots or shoe soles.

One of the IFFA innovations is the WR-ECO SWTD   Multi-user   Hand   Hygiene Center- a particularly space-saving solution for comprehensive hygienic hand cleaning and disinfection. This model is available with up to 4 washing stations, each equipped with water outlet, soap dispenser, high-speed hand dryer and disinfectant dispenser. Just like the water outlet, the components integrated into the lockable head cover are only activated contact-free via sensors. Hands are dried within about 15 seconds – reliably.

The advantage in day-to-day practice: the head cover can be unlocked and unfolded for the exchange or refilling of liquid soap or disinfectants or for maintenance work and adjustments. Gas springs hold the cover in the open position, allowing easy and convenient access to all technical components.