Keerthy Pathur, Marketing Lead, stonefield flavours

India’s confectionery market is undergoing an interesting flavour medley revolution, with consumers increasingly seeking unique and diverse experiences. From unexpected flavour combinations to international influences, the industry is evolving rapidly. In this article, we will delve into the latest trends shaping India’s confectionery landscape, exploring everything from dual tastes in classics to the rise of Ayurveda-inspired treats.

India’s confectionery market is today a 1,09,409 mn industry that is growing at 8.04% CAGR between 2022 to 2027. With toffees, caramels, and nougats as the biggest category in terms of sales, followed by hard boiled candies. Gummies and jellies exhibit the highest growth in the coming years.

As consumer preferences become more diverse and adventurous, the ability to offer unique and tantalizing flavours becomes a critical driver for success. Whether it’s the unexpected pairing of tastes, the infusion of international sensations, or the revival of nostalgic flavours, each innovation adds a layer of distinction to a brand. Brands that understand the pulse of evolving tastes and consistently introduce innovative flavour profiles are poised to not only meet consumer demands but to lead the confectionery business in India.

Expecting the Unexpected: Offering Dual Tastes in Classics

One of the prominent trends in India’s confectionery market is the innovation around combination of flavours. Confectionery brands are embracing the concept of dual tastes, offering consumers unexpected combinations that tantalize their taste buds. 38% of confectionery consumers are looking for products with a sweet and savory flavor combination. For instance, guava with a hint of chili, or raw mango with green mango are gaining popularity. This trend caters to the evolving palate of consumers who seek novelty and excitement in their confectionery choices.

International ‘Sour Sensations’ Taking Over the Youth

The youth demographic is driving the demand for international flavors, with ‘sour sensations’ gaining particular traction. Sour candies from around the world are making their way into the Indian market, captivating the taste buds of the younger generation. The burst of tangy and zesty flavors provides a unique and thrilling experience, aligning with the adventurous spirit of the youth.

Beverage-Inspired Candies are Rising in Interest

Confectionery products inspired by beverages is making waves in the market. From soda-flavored gummies to coffee-infused chocolates, brands are tapping into the familiarity of popular drinks to create innovative and enticing treats. This trend not only caters to the love for beverages but also provides a new dimension to traditional confectionery choices.

Proclivity Towards Functional Treats, Ayurveda Inspirations

The health-conscious consumer is influencing the confectionery market, leading to a rise in functional treats with Ayurveda inspirations. Brands are incorporating ingredients known for their health benefits, such as turmeric, ginger, and herbs, into their confectionery products. This trend reflects the growing awareness of consumers regarding the connection between what they consume and their well-being.

Nostalgic Tastes that Create ‘A Sense of Belongingness’

Amidst the influx of novel flavours, there is a parallel trend of nostalgia. Consumers are drawn towards confectionery that evokes a sense of familiarity and nostalgia. Brands are reviving traditional and regional flavours, creating a connection to the past that resonates with consumers’ emotions. This ‘sense of belongingness’ is a powerful marketing tool in an industry that is continually innovating.

Candies Take Attractive & Exciting Formats to Woo Kids

Children are a significant market for confectionery, and brands are adopting creative strategies to appeal to this demographic. Confectionery is taking on attractive and exciting formats, from unique shapes to vibrant colors, to capture the attention of kids. This trend not only focuses on taste but also on the visual and tactile aspects of the confectionery experience.

Toffees Will Need Regional Flavour Innovation

Toffees, a longstanding favorite in India, are witnessing a demand for regional flavour innovation. Understanding and catering to regional preferences is crucial for confectionery brands looking to stay ahead in the market. Brands are experimenting with local ingredients and flavours, creating toffees that resonate with specific regional tastes, further strengthening their connection with consumers. Think rasmalai toffees or Gulab jamun eclairs, a unique addition to festive edition treats. 

India’s confectionery market is a dynamic and exciting space, with a myriad of trends shaping the industry. From the unexpected flavor combinations in classics to the rise of health-conscious and regional preferences, the market is evolving to meet the diverse tastes of consumers. As innovation continues to drive the confectionery landscape, brands that can adapt to these trends are poised for success in this ever-growing candy’s flavour revolution.