Emsland Group presents their latest waxy potato development: Emwaxy® Spray 200.

The Emwaxy® Spray 200 fits perfectly with the rapid growing demand for clean label alternative ingredients for the food industry. Emwaxy® Spray 200 is a clean label low DE starch derivative. Emwaxy®.

With the introduction of Emwaxy®, Emsland  Group  introduces  new starch solutions for the food industry. Emwaxy® is produced from special potatoes, containing more than 99% amylopectin and is being cultivated through traditional,  non-GMO breeding techniques.

Based on high amylopectin potato starch, Emwaxy® Spray 200 has unique properties. Emwaxy® Spray 200 has excellent solubility and is not prone  to retrogradation. Therefore it can be applied in high concentrations whilst staying stable. The high cohesiveness at high concentrations enables to apply Emwaxy® Spray 200 solution as food glue in many food applications. The product has good film forming characteristics and therefore it  can  be successfully applied as egg wash replacer on baked goods. Body and mouthfeel enhancement or partial sugar replacement are further examples of the possibilities, which Emwaxy® Spray 200 can offer.

Characteristics of Emwaxy® Spray 200

• Easy to dissolve

Clean label

• Stable in solution in high dosage

• Excellent film forming with high transparency and gloss

• Potato starch based – fits in the ‘plant-based’ trend

• Forms smooth solutions with good body and mouthfeel


For the food industry, the newly developed Emwaxy® range offers a good start to create new innovative appealing products. The unique characteristics of Emwaxy® serves todays trends e.g. easy handling, non-GMO, kosher & halal, gluten and allergen free as well as plant-based and clean label.

Potential applications and advantages
Application Advantage
Bakery glaze Cost effective vegan alternative for egg wash
Cake Sugar reduction oppor- tunities up to 30 %
Cereal bars Effective food glue that can replace sugar syrups
Instant drinks (coffee, tea, sport Prevents lumping and provides excellent body and mouthfee
Chewable confectionery Alternative for gum Arabic and gelatin