A Candid Conversation with Raajvi Joshi, CEO of Your Modern Table, as she unveils the journey of evolution from mere catering to Community Building in the World of Food.

Q1. How has the journey of founding your company been so far? 

I grew up in a slightly different household where I remember having full-fledged business discussions with my father from as early as 10 to 12 years old. Hence, I have always been fascinated with the idea of creation & entrepreneurship. While my father established himself in the B2B sector through the National Group of Companies, which primarily focused on manufacturing units for hing and frozen food, my ambitions gravitated towards something more. I wanted to explore tin building communities and fostering connections through the medium of food.

This realization gave birth to Your Modern Table (YMT). Under the YMT umbrella, we’ve strategically embraced a dual-pronged approach, seamlessly navigating both the B2B and B2C markets. The unifying theme across both spheres lies in our unwavering commitment to culinary offerings that transcend mere gastronomic satisfaction, aspiring to cultivate a profound sense of community, where the customers are connected to the brand directly.

Q2. What does Your Modern Table do? And how do you bring a sense of community and personalization even in the B2B sector? 

Your modern Table is a culinary experience for bonding with people. We have developed carefully curated recipes and combined them with technology to keep them fresh and make them a healthier option. 

YMT extends its commitment to exceptional dining experiences beyond our restaurant cafes & cloud kitchens into the B2B sector through our innovative catering services tailored for corporates. It offers a specialized catering service designed to elevate workplace gatherings. We offer customizable menus to suit various preferences and dietary requirements, ensuring that every employee can enjoy a personalized and satisfying culinary experience. To enhance the office culture, we extend our community-building philosophy by incorporating team-building activities, themed catering set-ups, and interactive elements into our catering services. This not only adds a unique touch to corporate events but also aligns with our ethos of creating connections and fostering a sense of community. 

Through Your Modern Table’s B2B catering services, we aim to bring the same warmth, inclusivity, and vibrancy that define our restaurant cafes into the workplace. By seamlessly integrating our core values into the corporate catering sphere, we go beyond providing meals; we deliver memorable experiences that contribute to a positive and cohesive work environment.

Q3. Are there any current trends that you’re seeing in the market that have influenced the trajectory of your business and how do you stay true to your core amidst modern-day influences? 

The trend of securing big investors and funding has become almost synonymous with validation. Initially, at Your Modern Table (YMT), I thought scaling would require that route, but I’ve come to realize that sometimes it acts as a distraction from the path to building your brand your way. At YMT, we firmly believe that the strength of our product and the experience we offer to our customers are our true core values. 

While funding can certainly open doors, we have recognized that the real power lies in staying connected to our customers. Their satisfaction, their experiences, and their feedback are invaluable assets and if focused on them – scaling can be faster. In a landscape where external noise and trends can be overwhelming, we believe that the authenticity of our product and the meaningful connections we build will cut through all the extra noise. 

At YMT, we see customer engagement not just as a strategy but as our guiding principle. It’s not about following trends; it’s about creating an experience that resonates with our customers and keeps them coming back. This approach is a more sustainable and authentic way to grow our brand for now.

Q4.What gaps in the market are you curbing with the introduction of Your Modern Table? 

The gap that we felt was the lack of solid channels through which food brands can understand and respond to the evolving preferences and concerns of consumers. In an era where transparency and authenticity play pivotal roles, the absence of robust connectivity can lead to a diminished sense of trust between businesses and their customers. 

In response, at YMT, we proactively embarked on establishing a direct line of communication from day one. This initiative provides individuals with a nuanced insight into our developmental journey, offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the people, processes, and recipes shaping the products they are poised to purchase. This deliberate transparency not only nurtures trust but also forges a meaningful connection, empowering consumers with the knowledge of the story and individuals behind the product they hold. Consequently, decision-making transcends transactional boundaries, evolving into a more authentic and resonant experience.

Q5. What are your plans for the future? Do you have any projects lined up? 

At Your Modern Table, our plans are deeply rooted in catering to the B2C sector with a unique blend of healthy and delicious food, all while fostering communities. Our vision extends beyond merely providing meals; we’re dedicated to creating an interactive dining experience that stands out in its own right. 

Through our restaurants and cafes, we’re striving to build something truly distinctive—an environment where dining becomes an experience unlike any other. We want our spaces to be more than just places to eat; we envision them as interactive hubs where people come together, share moments and bond over exceptional food. 

Looking ahead, we’re also excited about the prospect of Your Modern Table becoming a part of pop culture through strategic brand collaborations. By integrating our brand into the cultural fabric, we aim to create an experience that resonates with the next generation. Our goal is to go beyond the conventional dining model and build something that becomes a cultural phenomenon, allowing people to bond over food in ways that are both memorable and meaningful.