Question: We are planning to start a business of selling the packed Cashew, Amla product, and Mango pulp. My turnover is only under Rs.12 lacs per year, so which type of process required for this…?

Answer: You have to apply for the registration certificate as your annual turnover falls below Rs. 12 lacs. FSSAI has very well defined the eligibility criteria for the licensing & registration of the food businesses. Please go through the following link to get all this information and can apply online

Question: I am going to start a Banana Wafers delivery business. I will be sourcing the product from a small scale production unit and will further sell in the market. The manufacturer does not have the FSSAI license, what would you suggest?

Answer: Legally, no one can do a food business without a valid license/registration. Food regulations do not allow the food business activity between the unlicensed food vendors. So, you have to make sure that both you and the manufacturer should have a valid license/registration in compliance to FSS Act, 2006. To check the eligibility and for the online licensing/registration under FSSAI regulations, you can read here through the following urls:

Question:I am manufacturing biscuits from outside India and would like to import into India through distributors. Where can I find a concise list of allowed ingredients and the packaging mandatories?

Answer: Your food products need to meet the requirements as per FSS (Food Products Standards & Food Additives) Regulations, 2011 and the respective amendments. Please check for the ingredients of your product as whether they are standardized or non-standardized on the following link:

Please also read through the following urls for packaging & labelling:

Question: Recently, I have been to a restaurant and what I saw on their menu card was that some of the chicken items were labeled as green. Isn’t it wrong? Can we as consumers do something?

Answer: Absolutely, it is wrong to use a green logo for a non-veg food article. You can raise your concern relating to such issues through a online procedure and you can also call the helpdesk. Please read through the following link:

Question: I am starting a manufacturing unit for bakery products like cookies and cupcakes, the machinery involved in that holds a capacity of 2 tons per day. What license is required for that? and what documents I should have? please guide.

Answer: If your production capacity is more than 100kg and upto 2 MT /day then you have to apply for a state license and if in case your production capacity is More than 2 MT/day then you have to apply for the central license. You can apply online on:

Question: I wish to trade natural tender coconut from Kerala to Delhi. The same will not be processed in any way. Do we need to register with or get a license from FSSAI to carry out the business?

Answer: Yes, you will require a license/registration for your food business. You will have to register under FSS Act, 2006 either a distributor, supplier or wholesaler, depending upon the exact nature of your business.

Question:Can a food article containing food additive like emulsifier from non-veg origin be labeled as veg?

Answer: No food article can be labeled as Veg (Green mark) if it contains ingredients & additives from animal sources.

Question:I want to complain about cow’s ghee of a reputed brand which I purchased from a neighborhood store. I feel it is adulterated with vegetable oil although it proclaims to be pure cow’s milk ghee. Whom should I approach? I have the sample of the product which an authorized inspector can collect and give me feedback after test and ask the manufacturer to compensate me.

Answer: First of all, you need to get your food product tested for Adulteration from a NABL Accredited and FSSAI notified lab. And if your assumption of adulteration turns true then you can approach the concerned officials of food safety departments or you can also write to FSSAI on their official portal. You can also refer:

Question: DoI have to take FSSAI certificate to export some food products?

Answer: You have to obtain a Central License from The Food Safety & Standards Authority of India. If you are doing 100% Export of you food products then read the following article: Exporting FBOs

Question:Do proprietary food items are allowed to add herbs?

Answer: Herbs can be added to the proprietary food articles, provided those herbs are allowed to be used in the standardized products (standards are prescribed for such herbs). The FSSAI regulations have discussed about herbs. You can read more on this: 

Question:Are the Additives produced by microbial fermentation are permitted?

Answer: Yes, they can be produced by microbial fermentation. But the food product should meet the microbial requirements as prescribed under Appendix B of the Food Safety & Standards (Food Products Standards & Food Additives) Regulations, 2011 and the respective amendments.