By Dr SaurabhArora*

Edible oils are a crucial part of our diet as it is not only used as cooking oil but also in food product formulation and manufacturing of cosmetic products and biodiesel fuel feedstock. It has  high nutritional and economic values.  Obtrusively, adulteration of edible oil has emerged as a major issue worldwide due to their increasing market demand and the potential profit. This is why it has become pivotal to monitor the purity and quality of edible oils to reduce the plethora of risks. 

In the same wake,Food Safety and Standards Authority of India(FSSAI) from time to time holds a  nation-wide campaign against adulteration in edible oils (single oil as a constituent), trans-fatty acids and sale of Multi Source Edible Oils without proper labeling. Recently,  a massive surveillance drive was carried out  across the country with a total of 4431 surveillance samples of vegetable oils, multi-source edible oils, vanaspatietc.across 35 States/ UTs. In the same wake, the Commissioners of Food Safety in all States/UTs were directed to lift surveillance samples of these products in a staggered manner from the markets so that the sample base is wider and representative of all Food Business Operators (FBOs)/ Brands being sold therein. 

The purpose of the survey was to assess the quality, safety and misbranding of the cooking oil sold in the market.  During the campaign, all States/UTs Food Safety Departments carried out intensive surveillance to track down heavily upon the delinquent FBOs who may be found selling adulterated edible oils or loose edible oils. 

This in turn, reflects that the government is willing to curb the adulteration menace. However, despite all initiatives and measures taken by the apex body of food safety and concerned authorities the adulteration menace is still rampant. There have been several incidents where the FBOs were caught and a penalty imposed  on them. 

It is important to keep a stringent vigil on adulteration in edible oils, presence of trans-fatty acids in hydrogenated oils, curb on sale of loose edible and sale of multi-source edible oils without proper labeling. 

It is necessary for the health of consumers and smooth functioning of business to maintain the purity and authenticity of edible oil. The ideal way is to get the edible oil tested from a recognised laboratory. 

Why is it important to test your Edible Oils from a recognised laboratory?

It is indispensable to ensure that the oils and fats are of utmost quality, pure and free from rancidity. In order to meet the entire specification the best and easiest way is to get a laboratory test. Moreover, it is foremost to fulfill the regulatory requirements and standards laid down by FSSAI and as per Prevention of Food Adulteration Act and other governing bodies like Bureau of Indian Standards.

Benefits of Edible oil testing

  • Ensure that the Edible Oil is safe for consumption and there is no trace of contamination, adulteration of rancidity.
  • Comply with national and international standards laid down by the regulatory bodies. 
  • Determine the Shelf Life of the Edible Oil to establish the consumption period or the ‘Best Before’ date which helps maintain the quality of the final product

Edible Oil Testing And Labeling At Auriga Research

Our laboratories in pan India locations provide one stop solution for your edible oil testing and labeling requirements. We have avant-garde equipment in our laboratories. We also provide inspection and assurance services in order to ensure that your product complies with all the regulatory requirements. Our laboratories are authorized by Bureau of Indian Standards(BIS).We are accredited by (NABL) National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration laboratory. We ensure product solutions for the entire cycle of production. Be it near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy,inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES), liquid chromatography (LC), or gas chromatography (GC), we deliver critical information of the entire process whether it involves raw material identification, compositional analysis, contaminant testing, or additive analysis.

We provide a comprehensive state of the art edible oil testing by conducting testing and analysis of edible oil samples for quality confirmation, blending evaluation in order to ensure that there is no contamination. We confirm and validate that it meets all the regulatory requirements of national and international standards.Our proficient team of researchers and scientists have in-depth knowledge and understanding. Our testing process is accurate, timely, precise and affordable. We handle each sample and your testing and analysis needs with an accurate and service-oriented approach to ensure the accurate results.  We also fulfill the food labeling requirements in compliance with FSSAI.  

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 *A prolific inventor, pharmacist, scientist, technophile, and visionary entrepreneur. He has been leading the contract, testing, certification, and research business at Arbro and Auriga since 2005 with labs in seven locations. Invented, patented, and commercialized SNEC 30, a scientifically advanced curcumin supplement; Founder of Food Safety Helpline; Founder and Mentor of