In conversation with Ravi Kiran, Managing Director Valco Melton Engineering India, Food Marketing and Technology magazine, India, posed questions that would enlighten our readers about the products they offer and thereby their applications in he food industry.

 Mr. Ravi Kiran, Director, Valco Melton Engineering India

1. Could you tell our readers briefly about ValcoMelton?

Valco Melton is an American multinational corporation that designs and manufactures dispensing equipment and quality assurance systems for the inspection and handling of adhesives, waxes, sealants, and industrial coatings. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Company has research and manufacturing facilities in Cincinnati as well as Europe. Valco India was established in 2011 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Valco Cincinnati Inc and started its manufacturing facility in 2018. Valco Melton India provides regional sales and service support in all major locations. Our Sales & Service team works from Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata.

2. What do you think is the role of automation in corrugated box manufacturing?

Technological advancements are guiding the corrugated packaging industry, along with market changes and packaging trends. Speed &The quality are the driving forces in the industry. The fully automatic machines are enviable to achieve both quality and speed. Valco Melton Adhesive systemsreplaces the conventional wheel systems which can save a lot of adhesives and seal the perfect boxes. Our camera inspection systems are sophisticated to identify the issues in the box making and eject before it goes to the customer. Ensuring customers only receive good boxes. The Clearvision systems will help corrugatorsto review the bad boxes and help them to fix the route cause of the issue.

3. Amongst India, UAE and Singapore how do you rate these markets in the demand and in volumeratio?

Indian domestic demand is much higher than any other market. But the demand for automation and quality inspection systems are much higher in South East Asia and Middle East. We have installed so many camera inspection systems. We are working with many corporations in India to incorporate  higher end inspection systems in India. So, the demand is consistently increasing in India.

4. What are their applications on foodindustry?

Valco Melton has got the adhesive systems and inspection systems product range to work with box converters for the folding carton applications and corrugation, end of the packaging solutions and ecommerce solutions. we work with suppliers to brand owners and brand owners themselves on their end of the line packaging.

5. How important is it to have a quality adhesive and liquid dispensing system as customer satisfaction formanufacturers?

The packaging delivers the product to the end user, we certainly play a crucial role to seal the box. Most of the brand owners using high speed carton erectors, have a probability of damaged or a bad quality box; which will create a problem in the high speed line and can jam the line itself . Now our quality inspection systems will help box makers to inspect the boxes in the production and stop any bad boxes. This is will surely help the end users with high speed and smooth packaging.

6. How does ClearVision help in dispensing a perfect box tocustomers?

As explained in my previous answers, Clearvision is the Valco Melton’s camera inspection systems to inspect adhesive, folding, gap check, print and bundle.

 This processes automatically eject the bundle if there are any bad boxes. This ensures that a bad box never gets delivered to their end customer and there by retains the loyalty to their brand.

7. Which are the industries that use your coating and converting equipment themost?

Tapes & Labels. Medical tapes is one of the fast growing segment in India. Valco Melton is the market leader in India. We have many satisfied customers as our testimony.

8. What are the events that you participate in India? Besides, what are the other marketing activities that youdo?

We are participating in few expos this year that’s happening in the Capital. In tandem we are working with print media via ads, Electronic media campaign. We are also active in the social media space LinkedIn ,twitter etc.

9. How did Covid 19 affected your company’s growth? What is the forecastfor the 2021-22?

Valco Melton is equipped to capture new market opportunities like E Commerce and packaging. Of course, we have been affected by industries such as automotive etc. however the impact to our growth is close to negligible because we could capture new opportunities .