Third Wave Coffee has launched a new summer beverages menu to refresh consumers being locked down during the peak of summer. Being homebound isn’t a deterrent to enjoy this range of delicious lattes, frappes, non-coffee fusions and cold brews, as they can be delivered to the customers home by ordering through Swiggy, Zomato and Dunzo. The new beverage menu has iced lattes in five interesting flavours including chocolate, caramel, matcha espresso, Thai and honey, frappes such as choco coconut, salted butterscotch and non-coffee fusions and cold brews having unique flavours like yuzu lemon and orange chilli. These beverages have been created by the R&D team of Third Wave Coffee, and carry an innovative mix of flavours that are sure to be loved by the  Indian palate. The new menu is complemented with 100% Arabica coffee sourced directly from origin, freshly roasted in small batches and ground at the café. Third Wave Coffee aims at serving delicious coffee that is brewed to perfection which includes classics, mochas, frappes, shakes and teas.

The summer beverages have been created to bring alive the theme of the menu: FUSION, which represents the melange of Third Wave Innovation in beverages and the refreshing need-state summer brings up. The concept of fusion of flavours also manifests visually when the beverage is presented as the key ingredients retain their distinct colours. The beverages pair perfectly with the existing food menu, giving customers a wide range to choose from.

“We did not want our customers to lose out on their favourite brews during this lockdown period, and so went ahead with the launch of the new menu. To nudge consumers to make coffee at home, we had our Baristas create videos on making beverages at home without complex equipment. We have not let the pandemic come in the way of our customers enjoying their cup of coffee and we have ensured our coffee and coffee beans reach them through orders serviced by our delivery partners. We know our customers are missing their favourite café, so with every delivery to rekindle good memories we are sending across the Spotify playlist of our store.” said Sushant Goel, Co-Founder, Third Wave Coffee.

Third Wave Coffee also prides itself on innovation in coffee, and this is seen in the variety of special beverages featured on the menu. Right from pouring the perfect French Press, Pour Over, Aero Press or Syphon to flavourful lattes like Orange Zest Mocha, La Vie En Rose, Yuzu lemon cold brew, Matcha espresso iced latte, Sea Salt Mocha, Third Wave Coffee drives itself towards the single-minded effort of bringing delectable coffee to Indians.  With a well-trained team of baristas and ample seating, Third Wave cafes are all set to delight. Each Third Wave Coffee Outlet is accented with minimal and comfortable seating, ample natural light and the warm, inviting aroma of fresh coffee.