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Read to gather insights on the new breakfast trends that have found a way into the Indian Markets with new morning traditions.

Peeling open a packet of strawberry-filled croissant, a young professional rushes out of her apartment, planning to have a quick on-the-go breakfast. With no intentions to cook a traditional breakfast, the young hosteller helps himself with a packaged banana and walnut cake. The ever busy new-age mom is no more worried about what to pack for her little one’s snack box- thanks to the range of fruit pudding cake options she has stored in her pantry.

Just a few years ago, these scenes would have sounded like taken straight out of a Hollywood movie. Today, this is exactly how mornings look like in Indian cities. While packaged dosa batters, bread and jam or cornflakes were the go-to-resorts for busy professionals for their breakfast fixes, the preferences are fast-changing. India is waking up to tastier, flavourful, packed grab-and-go breakfast options.

Is India Ready For Western-Style Breakfast Treats Like Croissants and Cakes?

The simple answer is yes.

The shift in breakfast preferences among Indian millennials is unfolding huge opportunities for the bakery industry. India’s bakery market being over Rs. 21,000 crore is undoubtedly luring even foreign companies to set up their production units in the Indian market. Recently, a leading international player set up massive capacity in India to produce 12,000 tonnes of croissants which will be scaled to 17,000 tonnes in a short span.

The breakfast landscape in India is undergoing a significant transformation, with a growing demand for cakes and filled croissants as popular breakfast options. The factors contributing to this growing demand for cakes and filled croissants as popular breakfast include the following:

Changing Lifestyles and Urbanization:

With more people leading busy lives and having less time to prepare traditional breakfasts, convenience has become the driving factor in their food choices. This is where cakes and filled croissants offer an easy solution that requires minimal preparation time without compromising on taste.

Influence of Western Culture

The influence of Western culture, particularly through movies, OTT series, and social media, has also contributed to the growing popularity of packaged breakfasts in India. Croissants, in particular, have gained popularity as a breakfast item. Many people now prefer to grab a croissant and a coffee on their way to work, mirroring breakfast habits from Western countries.

Healthier Alternatives

While cakes and filled croissants may not be traditionally associated with healthy breakfast choices, brands have started responding to demand for healthier options. Today, you can get croissants made with whole wheat and multigrain options, incorporating ingredients like oats, nuts, and seeds which further enhance the nutritional value. Multi millet packaged cakes that are available in a whole range of enticing flavours attract health-conscious consumers who seek indulgence without compromising on their dietary goals.

Hygiene and Quality

With the expansion of the middle class in India, there is an increase in disposable income. This enables people to explore and afford new food options, including packaged bakery products. Packaged products often come with standardized quality and hygiene standards, which can be reassuring for consumers concerned about food safety.

Flavor Innovation

Packaged baked goods come in a wide range of flavours, which cater to diverse taste preferences. This variety attracts consumers looking for different options to satisfy their cravings.

From classic flavours like chocolate and vanilla to exotic options like cranberry and lemon tart, there can be a cake for every palate.  Similarly, filled croissants come in a multitude of flavors, including cheese, chocolate, almond, and fruit fillings. This extensive range of choices allows consumers to customise their breakfast experience according to their preferences.

Interesting flavors brands could try in croissants:

Mango cream filling: The burst of mango flavour adds a refreshing and fruity twist to the classic croissant, making it a popular choice for those who enjoy a taste of the tropics while on-the-go.

Saffron Cream with pistachio bites: Bring a Desi twist to the croissant experience by introducing a saffron flavoured cream filling with pistachio bites. This luxurious flavour combination can create a festive croissant that is both indulgent and sophisticated.

Coconut jaggery cream: This fusion of flavors creates a unique and nostalgic experience, making these croissants a favorite among those who enjoy the taste of homemade Indian desserts.

Tandoori Cheese: Savoury tandoori spices infused in a cheese filling can add a smoky and slightly spicy note that pairs perfectly with the buttery and flaky croissant. For the many Indians who prefer ‘savory’ over ‘fruity’ for breakfast, this can be the perfect pick.

Assorted fruit preserves: Brands could try a wide variety of fruit flavour combinations to appeal to a large consumer base of children and generation Z consumers who want to have a fruity beginning to the day. For instance, a combination of guava, apricot, orange, and strawberries can create a medley of fruity goodness that adds a refreshing element to the croissant.

Interesting flavours for brands to try in cakes:

Banana walnut: The combination is highly popular among consumers who love the deliciousness of bananas with nuts. The natural sweetness of bananas adds a fondly familiar flavour to the cake, while the walnuts provide a satisfying crunch and nutty taste.

Carrot: Carrot cake is a beloved choice for breakfast in India due to its moist texture and mildly spice flavours. This combination makes carrot cake a popular and flavorful option for a breakfast treat.

Dry fruits (plum): The dry fruits or plum flavours infuse the cake with a deep and concentrated fruity flavour, that also brings along an air of festivity. This combination of multiple fruit flavours makes the cake a satisfying choice for breakfast.

Zesty Lemon: The citrusy taste of lemon can add a burst of freshness to the cake, making it an invigorating choice for breakfast.

Berry blast: Breakfast cakes bursting with a flavourful mix of juicy berries, such as strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries can be enticing for all age groups.


The rise of cakes and filled croissants in India’s breakfast culture signifies a shift in consumer preferences and a willingness to embrace change.

To stay ahead of the curve in the food industry, it is essential to understand and respond to these evolving trends, catering to the diverse needs of consumers. By embracing flavourful innovation, customization, and inclusion of healthier alternatives, brands can tap into the growing demand for delectable treats in breakfast category.

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Keerthy Pathur,

Marketing Lead, Stonefield Flavours

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