Food Marketing & Technology Magazine had the privilege of hosting the fourth edition of their business webinar on “Technological Advancements in the Premium Flavour, Extract and Concentrate Industry” with Paul Ahn, Global Sales Manager, Flavourtech.

Webinars are an extension of our knowledge sharing platform and we aspire to keep the readers informed, engaged, and updated with all the advancements in the industry in the same.

In our latest webinar, Paul delved into the scientific intricacies of processing, the machinery and equipment that provide real-time solutions, and some of the key foundational aspects of food and beverage processing. The session had a plethora of insights to offer.

Gist of the session:

With the ever-changing consumer demand, technology must keep up. Consumers are more informed than ever with information available at their fingertips. Subsequently, manufacturers must stay ahead of their competitors by providing a more superior product. This is where Flavourtech can help.  Food, beverage, flavour, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical companies are taking advantage of Flavourtech’s systems to provide consumers with products that offer higher quality in terms of natural flavours, actives, colours, and health.  The technologies rely on low operating temperatures and short residence times, and in combination, provide quality.

Some of the key technologies are:

Spinning Cone Column (SCC)

The Spinning Cone Column (SCC), Flavourtech’s flagship product, revolutionises the flavour extraction process. Here’s how it works:

Gentle Flavour Extraction: The SCC extracts volatile compounds using steam under vacuum conditions. Unlike traditional methods, this gentle process preserves natural aromas and flavours. It’s like capturing the essence of ingredients without compromising their integrity.

Versatility: The SCC handles various applications across industries:

  • Coffee and Tea: Simultaneously extracts flavours and soluble solids from coffee and tea slurries for ready-to-drink beverages.
  • Wine and Beer: Manages dealcoholisation and alcohol content while preserving original flavours.
  • Dairy Products: Deodorizes cream and enhances flavour.
  • Fruit and Vegetable Purees: Preserves aromas during production.
  • Essential Oils: Extracts from botanicals, herbs, and spices.

Tailored Aromas: Companies can customize the aroma profile by adjusting operating parameters.

Centritherm® evaporator (CT)

The Centritherm® evaporator (CT) complements the SCC. Here’s what it brings to the table:

Vacuum Evaporation: Operating under vacuum, the Centritherm evaporator utilises  low operating temperature and an extremely short residence time of 1 second. Its unique design allows for a very efficient, yet gentle evaporation process which all equates to keeping the important parts of the product safe during the concentration process.

Efficient Concentration: The Centritherm concentrates liquid extracts efficiently. Whether it’s fruit juices, coffee, tea and pharmaceutical extracts or other products, it maintains quality while reducing volume.

Integrated Extraction System (IES)

Flavourtech takes innovation a step further by combining the SCC and CT into the Integrated Extraction System (IES):

Premium Liquid Coffee and Tea Extracts: The IES produces high-quality liquid extracts and concentrates. It changes the extraction focus from seeking just yield and so compromising quality, to quality which consumers are demanding.

Differentiation: How does the IES set Flavourtech’s customers apart?

  • Flavour Excellence: By preserving natural characteristics, the natural Roast and Ground notes, the single origin and single estate notes, overall, the IES ensures superior natural flavours.
  • Extract Integrity: The gentle process maintains the integrity of extracts.
  • Inline and automated: Production is continuous and automated, with consistency and with the highest quality of product.

Flavourtech’s SCC, CT and IES allows manufacturers to grow and differentiate their products from their competition, all through a natural process.

Overall, In this session, flavourtech showcased a powerful presentation on how processing technologies have revamped the industry over the years. We are beyond grateful for bringing about a diverse set of experts to ensure that the learning continues in this fast paced and rapidly growing industry. If you wish to join in on our webinars as a contributor or have potential ideas, reach out to us!