Flavouring Workshop conducted in association with TagTaste

Mumbai, July 24, 2021: TiE Mumbai recently conducted a unique, entertaining and educative Sensory workshop for its members on the Concepts of Sensory Evaluation and Live food Tasting. Taste is oral, while flavor is multi-sensory, this 3-hour session focused on the appreciation and recognition of food with regards to its appearance, aroma, texture, taste and sound.

“As children, we learn the names of all sorts of shapes, colors, and sounds. But when it comes to the way things smell or taste, the only language we ever hear is qualitative — good and bad, yummy and yucky, delicious and disgusting. Once you start trying, you notice how difficult it is to assign language to taste and smell; training is a prerequisite. Our services were so far limited to food companies and restaurants; we are pleased to be extending our services to consumers and are making our debut with the TiE Mumbai community.” said Jaspal Sabharwal, Co-founder TagTaste.

“I think the last decade has seen new age food companies concentrating on tech enablers in the food business rather than the food itself and thus we’ve seen some great brands giving food with above average taste. The difference between great and good food businesses is going to be great scalable GLOCAL products coupled with robust marketing and tight operations. For the foodpreneurs, the FLAVORing workshop could be a good starting point to a multi-sensory food journey that they should take their consumers through.” said Sanket S, Chief Collaborator-Wolume up and Lead, TiE Food Network.

“This workshop lends well into our capacity building agenda for the ecosystem. This flavor workshop by TagTaste is a small step into equipping and making future Food Entrepreneurs who can go on to build great businesses and thereby a robust Industry. TiE Mumbai constantly endeavors to bring innovative sessions to add value and create a unique experience for its members”. said Naveen Raju, Executive Director, TiE Mumbai.

The Workshop aimed to help in rediscovering our senses and finding the connection and reasons behind why we like or dislike certain things. It also enabled participants to Learn the language of describing food. (A little more than just good, bad, tasty, yucky.) and appreciating food that we eat, hence moving towards mindful eating. It also helped augment appreciation and consciousness of our taste buds and the fact that each one has been blessed with some unique genes that helps one experience food the way we do. It also taught participants a Smarter way to eat.

The workshop also gave a peek into the 6th taste recently discovered – KOKUMI. No tastings notes were taken on the paper, instead, a structured questionnaire based on the concepts learned were accessed on the TagTaste app. Tasters answered the questionnaire on the app and the data thus collected from all the tasters instantly formed a sensogram. The workshop ended with a detailed discussion on Sensogram for the product tasted. Participants received a certificate on completion of the workshop. Most ingredients for this workshop were easily available at home making it an enjoyable activity for the entire family.