My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream has introduced new single-serve packs in the US, as it responds to heightened consumer concern about food safety amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Frozen dessert brand My/Mo’s latest packaging format features a single mochi ice cream ball in a fully-enclosed pack.

The brand says that, as well as ensuring food safety, its new single-serve packs will help reduce the food waste and spoilage which can occur with unpackaged mochi ice cream, by preserving quality and freshness.

Earlier this year, The Mochi Ice Cream Co., maker of My/Mo Mochi Ice CreamThe Los Angeles-headquartered company, which has its frozen snacks and desserts on sale in more than 20,000 US retailers, continues to operate under the same management team post-ownership change.

The brand’s signature mochi ice cream snack features a scoop of ice cream wrapped in sweet rice mochi dough and is available in flavours including Cookies & Cream, Ripe Strawberry and Sweet Mango.Commenting on the introduction of the single-serve packs, My/Mo’s chief marketing officer Russell Barnett said: “Today’s consumer is exceptionally aware of the issues surrounding food safety and food waste.

“Not only will the new individual packs give My/Mo a longer shelf life and reduce waste, but it will improve hygienic standards by eliminating the open exposure of the mochi to consumers.This is an important consideration during a time when food safety is top of mind for many Americans.”