By Dr Saurabh Arora*

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) created the FoSCoS portal( ensure a robust platform for license, registration and regulatory compliance. The idea was to enhance the user performance of the application and make the entire process effective and simple to promote ease of doing business amongst the Food Business Operators (FBOs). It also aimed to avoid physical documentation and to streamline business process flows for online applications of FBOs. 

Remarkably, FoSCoS is going to act as a facilitator as they don’t want to come to the Food Business Operator as a regulator .This is why they have developed a   process system that can be used as  a tool for self compliance. Besides, it also wants to spread  awareness among FBOs to follow a particular system so that  whenever it is required they can come for verification. All manual based application processes are shifted to an online platform . 

Significantly, the Section 31(1) of FSS Act, 2006 states that every Food Business Operator (FBO) in the country is required to be registered/licensed under the aegis of  FSSAI.

Apparently, in order to make applications and grant of FSSAI Licenses/ Registrations, FBOs were required to create name specific login lDs.

Notably, oftentimes FBOs take assistance from third parties for making applications for applying Registration/License. In some cases, the third parties give their email ID and mobile number in the profile window to receive notifications from FSSAI. However, due to non-accessibility of the email id provided at the time of obtaining license/registration, communication from FSSAI therefore does not reach the FBOs directly.

This in turn leads to lack of clarity among FBOs to file renewal or modification applications for their existing Licenses/Registrations as they did not have login access to online FoSCoS portal.

Subsequently, FBOs also lose access to Consumer Grievances, Improvement Notices, payment of penalties, raising tickets through FBO Help utility etc. which has been made available within the FoSCoS portal for their convenience.

To overcome this issue FSSAI has introduced a novel methodology for providing solutions to the existing Licensed/Registered FBOs, besides FBOs whose applications are under process and those who are filing new applications for FSSAI License/ Registration.

Further, in case of the FBOs which are already Licensed/Registered  has been decided to segregate the existing User-lDs of the system to the new License/Registration number based User-lDs i.e each User-id of FoSCoS has now been linked to single License / Registration. The password of newly created IDs which is either email ID or the contact number of FBOs can be updated by the users on initial login to FoSCoS. The access will be OTP based. 

Key information for FBOs 

  • FBOs whose applications for new license/registration are under processing stage, the name based User-IDs have been converted to 17-digits application number based user- IDs. Users can login with the same passwords. The contact details of existing lDs have been shifted to  Primary Contact Details. On the other hand contact details as mentioned in application [Form A/Form B] have been moved to Secondary Contact Details.
  • The FBOs who are willing to get new FSSAI License/Registration are not required to create name specific user-lDs prior to filing the application. Instead, they can apply for FSSAI License/Registration directly from the   FoSCoS homepage.
  • FBO can check their eligibility based on the Kind of Business they are involved in and proceed with the selection of food products category. After entering the required details, FBOs are assigned a 17-digit application.
  • Number based user ID on submission of ‘Primary’ and ‘secondary’ contact details under the ‘Sign Up details’ window. The system generated 17-digits User-ID will remain valid for future login purposes till the generation of License/Registration. After grant of License/Registration, the 14-digits license/registration number becomes the User-ID. The newly created User-ID can also be located through the online utility ‘Know your new user-id’ available at the Login page.
  • Capturing of Primary and Secondary contact details will help in sending the notifications and Password reset OTPs to both the contacts i,e, to food business and to the person who has provided any assistance in filing the application. This will also ease the resetting of passwords for User-IDs to avoid any communication gap.
  • FBOs can reset passwords by entering Application/ License/ Registration number. A password reset OTP would be sent to both primary and secondary phone number/email IDs. After entering OTP, FBOs can reset the password of their preference. After login, FBOs shall update the primary and secondary contact details in their profile page.
  • In case, any FBO is still not able to reset the password of the FoSCoS User ID to have his/her Email ID and Phone number under primary and secondary contact details. The FBO may send a request through email to the concerned Designated Officer [Licensing Authority] or Registering Authority of the concerned District as per SOP.
  • Further, an online utility ‘Know your new user-id’ has been placed on the FoSCoS Login Business page to provide ease to FBOs in identifying their newly created User-lDs. Users can access the utility by entering the existing User-ID.

Our facilities at Auriga Research

As a group, Auriga Research is a 36 year old organisation supporting  FBOs to get  compliances mandatory under FoSCoS programme that includes analysis and testing of samples , third party auditing of FBOs , hygiene rating, auditing of FBOs ,Bhog for temple and religious places to  maintain  hygiene in the offerings. To get registration /license , water testing is mandatory. All the FBOs are required to submit a water testing report  by a  FSSAI notified laboratory. We provide water testing facilities in our laboratories located in pan India locations. In addition  to water testing, we facilitate  all sorts of  testing  in  our laboratories. We also support stability studies , shelf life of the product and our certification division support  for certification and auditing services.  

In addition, we serve  FBOs with all sorts of analysis of samples , periodical monitoring of samples , raw material and finished products. We also support the stability of the products that are mandatory in new guidelines . Our certification division conducts third party audits , hygiene audits , bhog audits for religious places. We also conduct FoSTaC training programmes as  training FBOs is a mandatory part of FSSAI , registration and renewal process .

We have conducted FoSTaC training programmes for Advance Catering. We have also been facilitated with a FoSTaC training partner certificate. Moreover,we are  an approved FoSTaC training partner having a TP id/certificate. As a training partner we conduct Food Safety and Supervisor training in the states/ UT’s of New Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, and Haryana.

The guidelines of Food Safety Training and Certification (FoSTaC) envisages that all food businesses having either Central License or State License should have at least one trained and certified “Food Safety Supervisor” for every 25 food handlers in each of their premises. The supervisors would carry out periodic training of all food handlers in the premises and maintain records of food safety audits and inspections. Accordingly, we provide this training for the Food Safety Supervisor Certification.

We are a leading contract research organization serving  as a leading manufacturer and exporter of pharmaceutical formulations, commercial testing laboratory, research and development. We have passionately ventured into training and development activities through online mediums and classroom training sessions for aspiring professionals who are persevering to flourish and excel in Food and Beverages, Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical industry.   We have been organizing food safety and training programmes to make food handlers aware of the regulatory requirements like Food Safety and Standards Act Rules and Regulations. 

Our portal is helping the food business communities to understand the food regulations in India so that they can implement and burgeon their own food business. We have engaged competent trainers and an experienced team of individuals like food safety experts, SMEs technical and academic professionals for managing the training activities.

*A prolific inventor, pharmacist, scientist, technophile, and visionary entrepreneur. He has been leading the contract, testing, certification, and research business at Arbro and Auriga since 2005 with labs in seven locations. Invented, patented, and commercialized SNEC 30, a scientifically advanced curcumin supplement; Founder of Food Safety Helpline; Founder and Mentor of