ITC Ltd’s B Natural ready-to-serve fruit beverages has launched a digital campaign ‘Jai Jawaan, Jai Kisaan’ to salute the unsung heroes of the nation, the Indian farmer. Through the campaign, the brand reinforces its efforts to source from Indian farmers and support them, and urges consumers to do the same by choosing produce which are sourced from Indian farmers.

The Indian farmer toils tirelessly, and brings prosperity to the entire nation. The brand has always stood for recognising the fruits of the Indian farmers’ labour and does so by being committed to sourcing Indian fruits for its juices.

The song is an endeavour to highlight the selfless labour put in by the farmers towards nation-building. The song, sung by Zubeen Garg is developed in collaboration with Alive India. Through this initiative, the brand urges individuals to recognise the efforts of Indian famers and make thoughtful purchase decisions in favour of products that contribute towards uplifting the country’s farming community.

Setting the brand against the background of a soulful voice coupled with inspiring lyrics that evoke the spirit of nationalism, the brand’s video, ‘Jai Jawaan, Jai Kisaan’ is a tribute to the Indian farmer, the unsung heroes of the nation. The song starts with a pack shot of the brand outlining the map of India and takes us through a montage of farmers and soldiers across India who are seen selflessly engaged in their respective duties towards the nation with a smile on their faces, while capturing the country’s diversity.

The video closes with India’s map, formed with images of farmers in each region along with their produce, signifying how the brand works with these farmers to bring the goodness of fruit of their labour through their range of fruit beverages for the Indian consumers. And encourages consumers to salute and celebrate the entire farmer community by choosing Indian products.

Commenting on the initiative, Sanjay Singal, chief operating officer, dairy and beverages, ITC, said, “In a country like ours, farmers play an important role in supporting the economy and at the same time significantly contribute towards the well-being of every citizen of the nation. As a responsible brand, B Natural is in constant pursuit of contributing meaningfully towards the lives of the Indian farmers for their incessant support. This video is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to support farmers through sustainable and inclusive value chains.”


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