Corn-based snacks are more popular than ever. This once humble snack segment is now dominated by new flavours, shapes, and seemingly endless variety. Whether it’s tortilla chips, corn chips, taco shells, tostadas, or tortillas — consumers can’t get enough — and these corn snacks are one of the fastest growing segments in the food industry. 

The many variations of finished corn products (and the complexity of corn preparation)mean different processes and equipment must be used for each line. But industrial solutions for corn processing have come a long way. Equipment now offers maximum productivity, optimised cleaning processes and is built to last decades.Heat and Control explains.

Corn Products Processing

As a leading supplier of industrial corn processing equipment, Heat and Control knows what to do with corn. We’ve invested decades of research and development to advance the quality of food products and our commitment to the food industry has revolutionised food production.

Our equipment will help you develop and maintain a unique, consistent flavour and texture, for all your cooked corn products. Our long-term relationships with corn processors around the world, has given us the insight needed, to develop superior corn processing systems. From masa production to forming, toasting, conditioning, and frying capabilities, these systems will produce the finest corn and tortilla chips, taco shells, tostadas, and tortillas. Our cross-capacity solutions are versatile and efficient and will allow you to bring your best products to market.

Corn Products Fryer

The Corn Products Fryer has been specially designed for tortilla chips, corn chips, tostadas, taco shells and other formed corn products. It maintains frying consistency for tortilla chips, corn chips, and tostadas by using an externally heated continuous oil circulation fryer, which achieves higher capacities, lower production costs, and superior product quality.

This equipment provides precise temperature control, low oil volume, and the most efficient continuous fines removal produces rapid oil turnover rates which in turn allows you to produce the freshest corn products possible, with a longer shelf life. Precise frying control allows you to fine-tune the continuous oil circulation between the fryer, filter and heat exchanger when product load changes to maintain complete control of product quality.

From start-ups to high-volume operations, Heat and Control’s corn processing systems can be custom designed to meet your unique production needs. Standard fryers for up to 1,361kg/hr (3,000 lbs/hr) of finished corn chips, and2,041 kg/hr(4,500 lbs/hr) of finished tortilla chips can be configured and these systems are built for decades of reliable operation.

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