Food Marketing & Technology Magazine had the privilege of exhibiting via two stalls at Annapoorna and Inter Food Tech 2024 from 5-7 June, 2024 at Yashaboomi, Dwarka. Exhibitions in the F&B Industry open the portal for a wide avenue of discussions and engagement to fill in the void in the industry by finding crucial missing links through engaging beyond the surface level. 

We had the opportunity to be Media Partners with FICCI for the 15th FOODWORLD, a conference that involved key stakeholders in the industry who imparted knowledge and insights on a plethora of topics.

Beyond that, we had the privilege of moderating a panel discussion  held by ASPA (Authentication Solution Providers’ Association) on “ From Farm to Table : Ensuring Authentication and Traceability in Food & Beverage Products.” The panel discussion highlighted essential tools and resources to combat counterfeiting in the industry, the insight on which was offered by stakeholders in the industry with their own expertise and skill sets on the same. The panel discussion consisted of Mr. Neeraj Singh, Chief Business Officer, Cartel Bros, Mr. Vikas Jain, Founder and CEO Acviss Technologies Private Ltd, Mr. Girish Ahuja, General Manager, Crystal Crop Protection, Nakul Pasricha, MD and CEO of PharaSecure, moderated by Food Marketing & Technology Magazine’s Deputy Editor, Priyasha Mohanty, and organised by Puneet Maithani, Associate Director – Industry Affairs ASPA. The panel discussion nuanced on the government interventions, technological advancements, and innovate ideas that can help combat the problem of counterfeiting in the F&B Industry.

Our endeavour as a storytelling platform pans out in a plethora of ways: We display the trends, updates, and innovations in the food and beverage industry via our monthly B2B Magazine at our booth. We also root our purpose in making engagement via conferences and networking opportunities a key to learning about the problems, nuances, and core of how other companies operate in order to keep coming up with ideas and endeavours to ensure that the industry is constantly evolving. Our participation in the exhibition advocates for the same and we hope the industry continues to explore solutions and ideas through engagement via these essential platforms for growth and progress.