*By Ashwani Kumar Sharma

Asepto is inspired by the need to reimburse by recycling and conserving the environment. It is the foremost name among the aseptic packaging industry in India and known globally for its excellence with its six-layered packaging that provides, safety, and stability. Here, at Asepto, we are committed to safety by enhancing the strength of our people and the communities where we live and work using all resources responsibly & efficiently,  and ensuring our businesses are safe, successful, and sustainable for generations to come. Ashwani Kumar Sharma, President & CEO, Aseptic Liquid Packaging Business, UFlex Ltd, manifests his approach for innovation and potential to provide sustainable solutions for our client’s businesses. We keep our clients at the helm of our business strategies and provide end-to-end flexible aseptic packaging solutions, inspired by the necessity to serve best while conserving and protecting the resources.

We are committed to attaining the target that lines up with our business strategies because this is from where we can make the best impression. Our business operations substantially endorse our uncompromising policy to lessen emissions and havoc as well as conserve nature and its resources by promoting circularity. 


Asepto, a leading name in aseptic packaging industry in India, creates packaging products that protect and promote goods, enables worldwide commerce and keeps consumers safe. Inspired by the need to reimburse and conserve the environment, our aseptic liquid packaging material is embraced with a six-layered packaging for the beverages, dairy, and distillery industries, that can be easily recycled further into secondary products. Ours is an advanced variety of package that safeguards the nutritional value & taste of the product inside while protecting it from microbial growth and outer air & light. While we create and innovative sustainable and recyclable products that help our customers achieve their objectives, we also keep in mind the outlook of our customers and the end users. 


Our food packaging is highly engineered, explicit and potent with the finest material application comprising paperboard, aluminum, and polyethylene. All the raw materials used in our packaging are of the high quality food grade and comply with stringent safety and security ordinance. The firm’s  quality in everything we do, helps us every time to achieve our brand purpose and objectives.

These six-layered stratified aseptic liquid packaging authorizes the aseptic carton to protect and preserve the contents from various environmental factors responsible for spoiling  and preserve the product’s freshness with goodness. The packaging thus increases the shelf life of the product and saves from dependency on the cold chain that manages the temperature of perishable products in order to maintain quality and safety from the point of genesis to final consumer. We obey immeasurable value to nature’s viability and make sure that all our practices live up to our environmental policy of producing well with zero wastage.


The ongoing crises of Covid 19 are laying the importance of aseptic technology in today’s world. We don’t compromise with our food safety guidelines and it’s a vow we take to produce 100% sterile and safe package. Our sole aim is to provide the hygienic   product and packaging with utmost safety and we strictly lay a strong prominence in keeping transparency across our value chain to make sure that there are no divergences from the universal applaud principles of good management. We are experts in providing complete transparency in the making, packaging, and distribution of food products. 

We precisely understand that the management product will be as adequate as the raw material that goes into making. Therefore, we source only from authentic suppliers who share the same transparency and vision as we do in terms of innovation, product uprightness and the business spectrum.


Asepto is the first Indian Aseptic liquid packaging manufacturer with a state-of-the-art facility in the industrial hub of Sanand in Gujarat. Our aseptic technology is moderate to provide quality products according to the user’s ease. We provide easy opening and optimal shelf life to products like juices, milk and other liquid packaging products. Aseptic Filling and Packaging machines deal with thermally sterilized food products like beverages, including milk, juice and other packs that are packaged into previously disinfectant containers under a sterile state to produce shelf-stable products which do not get affected by environmental factors.

Transforming the notion of aseptic filling, UFLEX Group – the only Indian original equipment manufacturer of aseptic liquid filling machine ASEPTO Smart 78, the incomparable machine, which guarantees to give absolute strength and complete power performance and advanced filling solution(s) to the beverages industry. ASEPTO Smart 78 has been designed and innovated to process packs in 100ml, 125ml, 160ml, and 200ml for convenient and smart packaging attaining desired customer expectations.

We have another revolutionary machine named –Asepto Flexpress 10000, which augurs the outcome of aseptic packaging. It has Servo-based drive mechanism, this filling line, offering advanced integration with PLC. It also comes with operator-friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface). Uflex is pitching this unique machine for optimum packaging in the dairy, dairy products, juices and alcohol segments.

Our passion is to provide innovative sustainable products to our global consumers. The fabrication of aseptic liquid packaging materials, apt   hygienic and safe manufacturing policy is our confine prime principal. Proud to be recognized for its innovation and ability to create forward-thinking solutions for many local and global brands, Asepto is known globally for its packaging excellence, while we take forward the innovative trail that the brand Asepto proclaims. 

*President & CEO, Aseptic Liquid Packaging Business, Uflex Ltd.