We had the privilege of speaking with Anand Kumar Ray, Customer Relations Manager, Labels and Packaging Segment, HP, a trailblazer in the digital printing solutions industry. We delved into the current landscape of the digital flexible packaging industry, and how HP Indigo stands at its forefront. He also shed light on the innovative packaging options that HP Indigo offers in the Food & Beverage sector, catering to the ever-evolving demands of this dynamic market.

How has the trajectory of HP been so far in the labels and packaging sector?

We have been developing the FP market since 2014; so far we have a 300+ installed base globally with proven flexible packaging industry experience, and the only one in the digital printing arena.

Can you tell us about the current landscape of the digital flexible packaging industry and how HP Indigo is positioned within it?

We are the leading digital printing solution provider in the FP industry, though the penetration is still low into the giant conventional printing market.  With more and more short-run trends from the brand owners, e-commerce booming and fast growth from SMEs, digital printing will play a more important role in future

Could you elaborate on the various packaging options provided by HP Indigo in the F&B sector?

Digital printing has several applications in the F&B industry, to address the needs of packaging, Indigo Press can produce pouches, lidding, shrink sleeve, sustainable packaging etc., which covers the majority of the market needs.

What innovative solutions does HP Indigo offer to meet the increasing demand for on-demand flexible packaging?

HP Indigo provide web to packaging to address the needs of booming e-commerce business;  HP has a variety of brand protection solutions for brands;  Digital pouch factory is another important end-to-end solution to allow our customers (PSPs) to produce on-demand FP in a faster cycle with very little environment impact.

How is the packaging segment different in the F&B sector?

Usually, packaging segment for F&B requires higher flexibility and agility in the supply chain, compliance with food safety protocols and value added to the brand building via various VDP printing on packaging.

What can we expect from HP Indigo in the near future regarding technological advancements, partnerships, or strategies that will further revolutionize the digital flexible packaging landscape?

 In the future, packaging itself will evolve to be more sustainable, smarter, faster and safety-driven packaging forms. HP Indigo has strived to be a competitive digital printing technology solution provider and provide all ranges of solutions to meet our customer needs in the future FP market. 

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