Company name – H.L. Agro Products Pvt. Ltd.

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Please tell us briefly about you product?

HL Agro Products operates in the food processing sector and engaged in producing, marketing & globally supplying plant based raw materials for the industries in the food & beverage space. At the helm of our technology, scale & expertise, we specialize in delivering an inclusive range of sesame seeds, native corn starch, liquid glucose, corn germ, corn gluten & corn fiber as functional ingredients for use in different food & animal feed applications.

What are their applications in F&B Industry?

From indulgent Tahinis, frozen desserts, and bakery sweet confections to cold beverages, savoury snacks & edible oils, our sesame & starch produce find its presence in a myriad of commercial food preparations:

Sesame Seeds: Bakery & Confectionery | Oil | Processed Food Products – Tahini pastes, Sesame Butter, Dressing & Sauces, Sesame bars, Sesame Milk | Sweets & Snacks – Hummus, Halvah | Health Products | Culinary uses

Corn Starch:  Preserved foods | Instant foods | Bakery goods | Confectionery & Chocolate | Frozen foods | Ice-cream & Diary | Packaged food products viz. Biscuits, Snacks, Noodles, Custard, Gravy, Sauces, Pie-fillings, Corn syrups,

Liquid Glucose: Confectionery | Baking | Brewing | Ice cream & Dairy Products | Processed Foods | Jams & Preserves | Canning | Meats | Frozen Foods

What is the USP of your product? 

Sesame Seeds:

Natural aroma, original taste & 100% purity

Edible quality

Nutritive value

Absence of germs & impurities

Oil content – 55-70% guaranteed

E-Coli & Salmonella free

Auto-dried & sortex clean

Low moisture, FFA less than 2%

Higher Shelf Life

Safe & hygienic processing and packaging

Worldwide shipment

Customized packaging

ISO 220005, FSSAI, USFDA, Kosher, Halal certified

Corn Starch & Sweeteners:

Food Grade


High Viscosity

Low moisture & excellent thickening characteristics

Stringently Quality tested on composition, viscosity, pH value, purity and effectiveness

Corn starch powder upholds high concentration of starch on dry basis

Latest corn processing technology

Customized starch solutions to match the needs of new processes & product forms

Adherence to food quality & safety norms

FSSAI, USFDA, Kosher, Halal certified

Global client base – major food brands in India & abroad.

Which are the companies that are using your products currently?

– Parle , ITC, Amul, Veeba Foods, Olam International, Sweets of Oman, Lotte India, Vadilal, Dinshaws – Ice Creams & Milk products, Priyagold, Tropilite Foods Pvt Ltd etc.

Please give us one or two testimonials from your client.

“Comprehensiveness of the sesame range was the main factor that convinced us to favour HL Agro, as it means we don’t need to go elsewhere too often. Being the manufacturer of sesame seeds, they tend to maintain & upsurge their quality standards time and again.” – Arun Isaac, Manager- Sales, Olam International.  

“I’ve been buying from HL Agro for 2 years now. Their liquid glucose is one of the best in the market and they have always been great people to work with. Our relationship has always been important to the success of my business. They are a perfect 10!” – K. Vishwanathan, Purchase Head – Sweets of Oman

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