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Question: I am planning to manufacture desserts and frozen desserts which will contain alcohol. Alcohol will not be in a liquid form in the final product. Can you please guide me on the food license requirement?

Answer: You have to see if your food article is being covered under the definition of Proprietary Food. FSSAI has recently clarified about the proprietary food products. You can further check for all the ingredients & additives which are permitted to be allowed and are covered under the definition of Proprietary food.

Read Proprietary Food: Clause 2.12

Question: I wish to start (market & distribute) my own brand of ready-to-eat food But I will outsource the manufacturing to a reputed manufacturer. In this case, do I need to add both my FSSAIand the manufacturer’s FSSAI license on the pack? Also, is it mandatory to add the manufacturers’ (the outsourced unit) name and address on the pack?

Answer: The FSSAI Logo and FSSAI License no. of the brand owner need to be mentioned on the label. Since you are the brand owner so FSSAI logo & License number of your company shall be displayed on the label. The name, address & FSSAI License number of the third party manufacturer also need to be mentioned on the label.

Question:Is edible Gelatin Crystal Powder belongs to veg or non-veg? I buy this product online. I found Green dark circle between Green square on the package. I heard this product made from animals’ fat. I am confused about veg or non-veg. Plz. clarify the issue.

Answer: If Green mark appears on the label then it means that the capsules are made of vegetarian sources like cellulose based.  You can further go for testing your product if in case you have any doubts.

Question:If we manufacture any type of cheese, is there any requirement as per FSSAI for minimum % of cheese in the product?

Answer:  As per the Food Safety & Standards Act, Rules & Regulations, the standards have been given for various types of cheese. You may please read through the following link and further can refer Food Safety & Standards (Food Product Standards & Food Additives) Regulations, 2011 and the amendments thereof for more details on it.

Please read: Clause 2.1.17 of (Food Product Standards & Food Additives) Regulations (Link:

Question: Is food fortification mandatory now? 

Answer: FSSAI has clarified in the frequently asked questions as; there seems to be some confusion on whether fortification is mandatory. It is clarified that fortification continues to be voluntary. However, if any staple food claims to be fortified, the standards as notified in the fortification regulation have to be followed. The intent is to ensure that the interest of the consumer is protected and the +F logo can only be used if the staple is fortified as per the regulations.

Please read more on this regulation:

Question: I want to know the use level of below mentioned food additive in non-dairy whipped cream:

1-Isolated soya protein
2- Cellulose
3- Buffering agent
4- Glycerol monostearate
5- Sodium sterate
6- Polyglyceryl esters
7- Xanthan gum
8- Guar Gum
9- Sodium Caseinate

Answer: The FSSAI has specified standards for various food products & ingredients in the FSS (Food Products Standards & Food Additives) Regulations, 2011 and the respective amendments thereof. FSSAI regulations have discussed about non-dairy whipped cream. You can refer the following link about the use of these additives and their permissible limits in food:

Question:What is the % of water content in curd according to FSSAI standards? Here people are selling curd under the name skimmed buttermilk?

Answer: As per the Food Safety & Standards Act, Rules & Regulations; Dahi shall have the same minimum percentage of milk fat and milk solids-not-fat as the milk from which it is prepared.

You can read here for Milk & Milk Products: egulations_08_09_2020-compressed.pdf

Question:Can you please specify as who will issue a license for hard boiled sugar confectionery, is it FSSAI or BIS?

Answer: You will need a food license from FSSAI and if it is under the mandatory certification from BIS then you must also get the BIS certification. Please check if it is under the compulsory certification scheme from BIS: