Food Marketing and Technology is essentially a branch of Food Marketing that deals with food marketing and the technology used to market the food item. So let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of Food Marketing and Technology.

What is Food Marketing and Technology? 

Food Marketing and Technology is an industry-specific, B2B publication that reaches out to the processed food industry. The magazines based on food marketing and technology covers every section of the food processing industry. This includes ingredients, packaging, processing, marketing, policy issues, innovations, research trends, and much more. 

Importance of Food Marketing and Technology 

Food Marketing and Technology magazines report on new marketing strategies and trends, equipment and processing methods, innovative technologies, raw materials and additives, packaging systems, and other important selling and purchasing marketing topics. In addition to factory managers and food technologists, we also address the product managers and product developers in the food industry.

Food Marketing & Technology magazines are published in English. A reader service is offered. Circulation is worldwide with special emphasis on the most important, growing markets. An increasing share is subscriptions and requested copies.

Food Marketing and Technology magazines are also published in various forms and regional or national languages such as drink Technology + Marketing for worldwide markets in the beverage industry, food technology, etc.


Food Marketing and Technology is a boon for the food-specific industries as they become aware of which marketing methods to use and are enlightened about the technology to opt for.